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Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope with Case & Accessories - Discontinued

Item # ES-TED0806-01

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. OPT recommends the following item(s) as the best alternative:

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 Essential Series Triplet Refractor

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 Essential Series Triplet Refractor

Regular Price: $729.99

Special Price: $679.99

Quick Overview

  • True air-spaced triplet apochromatic optic design with f/6 focal ratio for portability and superior low magnification.
  • Ten-to-one, two-speed Crayford-style precision focuser with tension adjustment and lock to obtain and hold perfect focus.
  • Universal mounting plate with rotating release knob fits Explore, Vixen, Meade, photo tripods, European thread and more.
  • The Explore Scientific 80mm ED APO Refractor Telescope includes 2" dielectric diagonal, dew shield, and flight-ready deluxe case.

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope with Case and Accessories

Why chose a refractor telescope for astronomy? One of the bonuses of ownership of a refractor is that, compared to standard reflector telescopes, they almost never require re-aligning of the optics (collimation). However, any telescope that is subjected to shock may require optical alignment. One bonus of owning a refractor is that, compared to standard reflector telescopes, they almost never require re-aligning of optics (collimation). However, any telescope that is subjected to shock may require optical alignment. Removing the dew shield, you can access the alignment screws, which you can adjust yourself by referring to the instructions. You can also send it to Explore Scientific’s Service Center for alignment. A standard service charge applies. But why worry? At Explore Telescopes, they precision collimate every Explore Scientific telescope at the factory to give optimum performance. Although you may never need to adjust optical alignment, their ED APOs allow for optical centering to collimate the lens elements should the telescope ever require it. That's a bonus over fixed models.

So what gives Explore Telescopes an edge over the competition? Let's take a look....

"A few years ago we started seeing some great small aperture ED refractors being made available to amateur astronomers, who quickly became enamored with their extreme portability ability to produce impressive, text-book quality views." says Scott Roberts "Those who look through a high quality ED Apo quickly become addicted to the perfect, almost 'crystalline looking' views of the stars and planets."

And thus was born one of the most innovative ideas in high quality apochromatic designs - the Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope. Beginning with an 85mm diameter tube fashioned from aluminum and stainless steel, the difference begins with what goes inside - technology. Explore Scientific uses ED (Extra-low Dispersion) FCD1 (Dense Fluor Crown) glass developed by Hoya Optical of Japan to enable the production of lenses that offer superior sharpness and color correction by minimizing the color dispersion (chromatic aberration, or the "false" color fringing seen around bright objects that happens when light rays pass through standard crown-and-flint doublet objectives). This glass type offers a more durable and long lasting solution to produce an optic to minimize chromatic aberration over delicate fluorite crystal objectives that are prone to fracturing and absorbing moisture. What's more, these true air-spaced apochromatic triplets have all the refinements like EMD (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition) coatings, which absolutely eliminates light scatter and maintains image contrast. Contrast is further enhanced with multiple baffles that mask and deflect unwanted stray light.

But don't stop there... Because high performance optics demands a high precision focuser.

We're not talking about any ordinary rack-and-pinion here. No helical. What a telescope of this quality requires is the focusing capability to showcase what the optics can do and there can be only one answer - a precision Crayford. All Explore Scientific ED Apochromatic Refractor telescopes include a precision Ten-to-One, Dual-Speed Focuser as standard equipment. Why? Because exploring the fine features around the Moon's Hadley Rille, or splitting a difficult double star will put to test observing skills of any astronomer as well as precision of telescope optics. Better optical quality dictates more precise focusing. This is especially true when observing at high magnification or when making CCD images. With a standard focuser, you will find that a tiny nudge will throw out focus and turn your night into one of frustration. This is why it is included as standard equipment, on all Explore Scientific ED APOs, a ten-to-one, two-speed Crayford-style precision focuser with tension adjustment and lock to obtain and hold perfect focus.

So, now we've set the scene... Here's a mechanically perfected set of optics but the next step is how to hold them in place so they can be used. What's Explore Telescope's answer? Make it so chances are you already have what it takes to mount an Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope already in your fleet - or to offer a high quality mount which will become an asset to your hobby. You can mount the ED 80 to many popular equatorial and Altaz mounts, including Explore Scientific's new TwiLight I and TwiLight II Altazimuth Mounts. Photographers, who are looking for super high resolution optics, can mount the optical tube assembly to their existing medium-duty camera tripod. A release knob allows the tube assembly to rotate so that the camera can be positioned at any angle. The Universal Adjustable Mounting Plate of the ED 80 fits on mounts supplied by Explore Scientific, Vixen, and Meade LXD55/75. It also attaches to photo tripods with standard USA or European thread attaching knobs.

Now, here's a package that's really coming together. But when you're picturing a winner, why should you stop? There are just a few other things that can be added to this package which will increase your pleasure with owning this telescope and Explore thought of them.

When it comes to using a refractor telescope, there's only one hitch - you must use a star diagonal when the telescope is in a lot of positions for the viewer to be comfortable when looking in the eyepiece. This isn't a design flaw, it's simply the nature of the telescope. For you to be happy with the hi-end, exceptional quality of the Hoya ED optical glass, Explore Telescope also understands that pairing the telescope's optics with the right star diagonal is critical - that's why they've included the 2" dielectric diagonal. Provided as standard equipment, Explore Scientific's Two Inch Dielectric Diagonal incorporates a light-weight, one-piece diagonal body that securely cradles the precision polished diagonal flat mirror, insuring precision alignment. Ultra-high reflective coatings (99% reflective) composed of multiple thin layers of dielectric material delivers maximum light output.

You can thread standard 48mm filters into the barrel. The Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope has set the stage for the ultimate viewing experience, just ready for you to add your prized eyepiece to make it come to life!

To make a sweet scope even sweeter, Explore realizes there will come a time when the Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope needs to either be stored or travel. After all, that's the beauty of owning a short focal length refractor - they are rugged, durable and portable. Guess what? They thought of that, too... And that's why they've also included a flight-ready, deluxe case while they were at it. What more could you ask?

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope... Tell Me More!

"The 80mm f/6 ED Apo is in the ultra-portable class, and that opens up all kinds of possibilities to do more astronomy…and more opportunities to share the experience with friends and family. Many of my friends take their small APO with them on vacation or even on business trips." say Scott Roberts "Personally I often leave my 80mm ED APO set up on its mount so that I can pull it out on the patio at a moment's notice. It's there so that on any clear night I can experience a few minutes of tranquility and wonder as I scan the skies above my neighborhood. You can do this with a bigger telescope too, but it's fun to use a small telescope that is so precise and easy to pick up and move outside."

The short f/6 focal ratio and focal length of 480mm means this sweet little telescope is a real optical performer and a top notch astrophotography tool. But the bottom line is what can you see and what will it do for you? When it comes to public astronomy outreach, one of the leading names is Scott Roberts, and here's what he has to say about the using the Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope...

"Okay, so we know that these high-quality small telescopes are easy to carry around and fast to set up, but you may be wondering what you can expect to see with 80mm of aperture. Although it is a given that planets, double stars, and the Moon will look spectacular at high power through an ED APO, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can still pick out many of your favorite deep sky objects. Just push the power down and let as much light as possible come through the optics to your eye. The f/6 focal ratio provides a physically short tube, and it also allows you to reach very low magnifications; in fact, with a 40mm eyepiece the telescope will produce a nice 6.7mm exit pupil at 12x! From a dark sky, it's hard to describe how beautiful the Milky Way looks when you use the telescope in this way."

That's right... A refractor that's capable of low magnification. What are you waiting for?

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 ED APO Refractor Telescope Features...

  • Included Saddle Plate Fits Explore Scientific Mounts; Vixen Mounts; Meade LXD55/75 Mounts
  • Tube Length Of Only 475mm - Including Dew Shield, Weight 7.5 lbs (3.4 kgs)
  • Premium Ten-to-One Dual-Speed Crayford-Style, w/ Adjustable Tension and Lock
  • Two Inch Dielectric Diagonal
  • Dew Shield, Flight-Ready Deluxe Case
  • Superior Hoya ED Optical Glass and EMD™ (Enhanced Multilayer Deposition) Coatings
Explore Scientific Product Number: TED0806-00
SKU ES-TED0806-01
Manufacturer Explore Scientific
Telescope Series Explore Triplet ED
Optical Design Refractor - Apochromatic
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Telescope Aperture 3.14"
Telescope Focal Length 480mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/6
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 12
Optical Coatings Explore EMD
Tube Color or Finish Gloss White
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 119mm
Length of Optical Tube 30.5"
Optical Tube Weight 9.62 lbs.
Dew Shield Included? Yes
OTA Mount Type Dual Rings
Finder Included None
Diagonal Included? Yes - 2" Star Diagonal
Eyepiece(s) Included None
Case Included? Yes
Tripod Type Included None, Sold Separately
  • 80mm Optical Tube
  • Universal Saddle Plate
  • Ten-to-One Dual-Speed Crayford Focuser
  • Dew Shield
  • 2" Dielectric Diagonal
  • Flight-Ready Deluxe Case

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Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 Essential Series Triplet Refractor

Explore Scientific 80mm f/6 Essential Series Triplet Refractor

Regular Price: $729.99

Special Price: $679.99


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Customer Reviews

Great scope Review by jd
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Let me start by saying this is the first scope I have ever owned. I did a lot of research to find a scope that my wife and I could enjoy and use at our new home on a hilltop. After looking around I decided on the ED APO from ES. Wow am I glad that I did! This scope is amazing! I love the images and my wife has had her dream of owning a telescope come true. We use it as much as the weather allows and have plans to take it on our adventures. The construction is great and the case is sturdy and provides excellent protection. The eye pieces are excellent as well and give great images. The scope was easy to mount and my wife was able to do it on her own - she couldn't wait. The weight of the scope is easy to handle and this makes it even more fun to use. We are amazed at the clear and sharp images with no aberration at all. The triplet does it's job and makes gazing a breeze. The only unusual thing is the flocking lining which is not permanently attached. This can be inserted in the tube and sits in it without needing to be attached but in very cold weather it relaxes into the tube again and has to be tucked back into place when moving from outdoor to indoor so you have to make sure it is in place properly before starting your viewing session. The viewfinder is a great and necessary feature that comes with the scope. You will need it and it works extremely well. It can be challenging but zeroing the scope cannot be done without it so it's great that it comes as a part of the package. We also have two of the gas purged eyepieces and these are great too. The wide field is very important and makes the experience positive for first time users like us. And the price was very fair for what you get. The eyepiece is heavy and extremely well made. It feels as though it can perform in the field and has not give a hint of problem even in cold weather. I urge getting the 100 degree 14 or the twenty along with the 82 degree lens. Overall the other pieces of the package make this a great value - the crayford style focuser, two eye piece holders and compact design just make this a scope you want to pick and use. I would recommend this to anyone and I was proud to give it as a gift - great scope, great value, great purchase.... (Posted on 12/13/10)

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