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Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter

Item # CE-93959

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Quick Overview

  • Here's a great gift idea for someone who already has a Celestron telescope!
  • Want to control your Celestron telescope with an iPad or iPhone? Plug this Celestron Sky Q Link WiFi Adapter into your NexStar SE, SLT, CPC, CGEM, LCM, CG5, CGE Pro or SkyProdigy mount, load the SkyQ app onto your device (sold separately in the App Store), and then point and click your way across the Universe!
  • With the cool Planetarium interface you can tap on any objects displayed on the screen and your telescope will slew to that object., and Sky Tour will provide a list of the best objects to view.
  • No batteries are necessary, the SkyQ Link runs off of the power provided to your mount.
  • You can also align your telescope via SkyQ with the addition of the SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter.

Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter

SkyQ™ Link WiFi Adapter Product Tour

  • SkyQ™ Link WiFi Adapter Ad
  • SkyQ™ App for iPad and iPhone

Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter

The innovative Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter takes the technology behind their cool SkyQ app even further by activating a wireless control feature for most computerized Celestron telescopes. More than merely enabling completely wireless operation (including telescope alignment) , the SkyQ Link will allow you to automatically slew the scope to an object with a simple tap on your iPhone/iPad planetarium interface. And a SkyTour feature will even generate a list of the best stars, galaxies, and nebulas to see based on the user's time and location.

Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter Highlights...

  • The SkyQ Link provides you with complete wireless control of your Celestron telescope

  • Align your telescope wirelessly using your iPad or iPhone

  • A planetarium-style screen allows you to send your telescope to any object displayed by simply taping on that object.

  • Not sure what to look at? The Sky Tour function creates a list of all the best stars, galaxies, and nebulae up that night.

  • The Sky Q Link does not require any batteries; it plugs into the Aux port on your telescope.

  • SkyQ works with NexRemote as long as you download the latest version and SkyQ Link Installer on the Celestron website.

A view of the SkyQ app planetarium screen on an iPad

Telescope Models Compatible with the SkyQ Adapter...

  • CGE Pro

  • CGEM


  • CPC

  • SLT

  • SE 6/8

  • SE 4/5

  • LCM

  • SkyProdigy (no automatic alignment)

  • CG5

Please Remember: An Apple iPad or iPhone, plus the Celestron app, SkyQ (only $5 at the App Store), is required to make use of this adapter.

Celestron Product Number: 93959

SKU CE-93959
Manufacturer Celestron
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
  • Celestron SkyQ Link WiFi Adapter
  • 2 Year Celestron Warranty

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