The Vixen Comet Book App - Free for Apple/Android Devices

Vixen Comet Book Screen Shot

The free Vixen Comet Book app, available at the App Store or from Google play, displays a star chart for your location and clearly marks where Comet ISON is located.  Easy to use and quick to learn, the Comet Book is a nice tool to have at your fingertips whenever you want to check the position of Comet ISON, and it works great as a general real-time star map, too! 


  • The star chart on the screen is synchronized with a real view of night sky for your current time and location.
  • Pressing the "Select Comet" icon lets you choose which comet you want to see on the chart.  Comet ISON is on the list, but so are comets PANSTARRS and LEMMON.
  • Hit the play icon to see how Comet ISON moves across the sky over several weeks.  
  • Change the date and time displayed by moving the sliders at the bottom of the chart.  
  • Click the Cassiopeia icon to chose your choice of screen view.  Choose the full screen view to see stars under the horizon.
  • Turn on Night Vision Mode (black background with red objects and markings) or control the brightness of your screen by accessing the “Setup” menu (wrench icon).
  • Check to make sure your location is correct by clicking the green GPS icon.  You will be shown the latitude and longitude being used by the app.

Compatibility and Requirements:

Apple:  Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, optimized for iPhone 5.  Requires iOS 6.0 or later.  
Android:  Requires Android 2.2 and up.