Takahashi FSQ-106EDX IV Imaging Refractor OTA

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Takahashi FSQ-106EDX IV Imaging Refractor OTA
Item # TK-FSQ-EDX4
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  • The Takahashi 106mm FSQ-EDX IV f/5 Imaging Refractor OTA sports an built-in camera angle adjuster to permit the use of a remote rotation device for cameras.
  • Prime focus 88mm image circle covers a full 9.5° of the night sky.
  • The Takahashi FSQ106-EDX IV f/5 Astrograph OTA features a modified four element double ED Petzval optical system.
  • 178mm of back focus is provided to accommodate almost any CCD system.
  • High contrast images with wide, flat fields and no lateral color make the Takahashi FSQ106-EDX IV Astrograph an outstanding instrument for imaging.


Takahashi FSQ-106EDX IV Imaging Refractor

The Takahashi 106mm FSQ-EDX4 is the new updated FSQ model. The FSQ design has been amended to permit the larger CCA-250 camera angle adjuster to be used as well as the 645 reducer to be connected straight to the focuser draw tube for increased stability.

Takahashi has remodeled the FSQ f/5 Astrograph's optical system to a modified four element double ED Petzval system. By incorporating an additional doublet inside the optical tube, the optical wavefront can be manipulated to take out any astigmatism, performing as a field flattener. High contrast images with wide, flat fields and no lateral color make the Takahashi FSQ106-EDX IV an outstanding instrument for imaging. An optional Extender-QE field flattener is available for visual applications at f/8. In addition, at prime focus you'll enjoy an 88mm image circle which includes a full 9.5° of the night sky.

With its new retractable, self-storing dew shield, the FSQ is more portable than ever and can easily pass for airline carry-on luggage at only 16.7" long with the dew shield collapsed. With the dew shield extended, the total length is still only 20.5". Knife-edge baffles incorporated into the all-aluminum optical tube to keep out off-axis light and supply maximum contrast. The FSQ-EDX4's exterior is ivory coated with ebony trim.

The Takahashi FSQ106-EDX IV is outfitted with a freshly designed heavy-duty 4" focuser featuring an integrated camera angle adjuster. Made with all applications under consideration, this CAA will lift up to 11 lbs. and hold it there without slipping. If you need to make precision adjustments while maintaining focus, Takahashi has included a micro-edge fine focuser with a 10:1 ratio. Merge that with a 2" or 1.25" eyepiece adapter and you'll be prepared to tackle any operation. Takahashi will continue to produce the focuser and aluminum castings individually for consistent, superior quality.

Another significant advantage the FSQ106-EDX IV has over the previous model is its much longer 178mm back focus that conforms to most CCD systems. Often imagers will use up cherished focus travel with accessories such as a filter wheel, adaptive optics, and temperature control focusers. This extra back focus will even accommodate the use of binoviewers!

Please note this telescope only comes with parts numbered 82 (M92/M98 CAA coupling), 6A (new 98mm both sides CAA), and 8L (M98/M72 step-down Coupling TW). After part 8L, there is a silver cap that threads in as a dust seal like on the EDX-III.

Takahashi Product Number: FSQ-EDX4

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Takahashi
Telescope Series Takahashi FSQ
Optical Design Astrograph
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 106mm
Telescope Focal Length 530mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/5.0
Back Distance 178mm
Image Circle 88mm
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 11.9
Highest Useful Magnification 229x
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 4.9"
Length of Optical Tube 26.6"
Focuser Size 4"
OTA Mount Type N/A
Tripod Type Included None, Sold Separately
Included Items

Included Items

  • Takahashi 106mm FSQ-EDX IV Imaging Refractor OTA
  • 10:1 Micro Edge Focuser
  • 645 RD Adapter
  • Built-in Camera Angle Adjuster
  • Retractable Dew Shield
  • 8L Coupling Ring
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