TEC 140mm f/7 APO ED Refractor Telescope

TEC 140mm f/7 APO ED Refractor Telescope
Item # TC-140700
  • The TEC 140mm refractor sports a large aperture and yet remains portable. It is a great scope for a wide range of uses from visual to photographic.
  • Weighs an amazingly lightweight 19lbs. and is only 34" long.
  • Precision triplet design of the TEC 140mm refractor uses FPL-53 optical glass and an oil spaced design for the most efficient use of light creating a high contrast image.
  • All components of the TEC 140mm refractor are produced and assembled in the USA.
  • TEC product carries a lifetime warranty!


The 140mm APO ED is TEC's most popular telescope and for good reason. With a generous aperture, superior optics and high quality construction the 140mm is unbeatable in its class.

The TEC 140mm APO ED is also a great choice for both the imaging and visual astronomer. Beautifully clear, high contrast and sharp FPL-53 oil spaced optics serve every astronomer well. The 140mm is also highly portable at only 19 pounds and 34 inches long.

TEC 140mm Features

  • Oiled triplet design for ultra efficient use of light combined with FPL-53 lens elements.
  • Retractable dew shield for ultra portability.
  • Round edged baffles reduce turbulence.
  • All telescope components are made and assembled in the USA.

TEC Optical Expertise and Professional Quality Refractors

Telescope Engineering Company was started in 1994 as an optical subcontracting company and after 6 years, many Maksutov, zero-expansion Sitall LZOS blanks, and several mammoth optical projects including a 1.4M system for an observatory the began to hone their expertise in on refractor systems.

Running their production in Golden, Colorado, TEC is operated by an adept team of optical engineers. Special attention is paid to every detail of their telescope design and every component is assembled and made in the USA.

Warranty Information: All TEC product carries a lifetime warranty! If TEC made it or if it came with your telescope, then TEC will guarantee that it is free from defect or fault under normal use. The warranty is also fully transferrable to all future owners.

Important Note: TEC produces all of their telescopes in very closely controlled batches which allows them to maintain a extreme level of quality control. Because they work on one model at a time and each run is done in predetermined quantities, they are able to accurately schedule deliveries. It is highly encouraged that customers put in their order as early as possible as runs often sell out and waiting to place an order could result in a longer waiting period. A 20% deposit is required for the 140mm however the deposit is only required when TEC tells OPT your optics are ready to be installed in a telescope. We will contact you at that time to finalize the order.

Image depicts fully accessorized telescope. This product number is for OTA only.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU TC-140700
Manufacturer TEC
Telescope Series TEC ED APO
Optical Design Refractor - Apochromatic
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Telescope Aperture 5.5"
Telescope Focal Length 980mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/7
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13
Highest Useful Magnification Not supplied by manufacturer
Tube Color or Finish Gloss White
Dew Shield Included? Yes
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 150mm
Length of Optical Tube 34"
Optical Tube Weight 19 lbs.
Total Telescope Weight N/A
Finder Included None
Eyepiece(s) Included None

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Great APO 5.5 Refractor
Arguably the best 140mm (True) APO out there. Excellent Visual and imaging with ST10XME is fantastic. You can push the magnification on those special nights for incredible planetary detail, I have pushed it to 400x at times to reveal fine details.
With the ST10XME I was able to approach 22 magnitude and get some great shots of galaxies and Galaxy clusters. See samsastro.com for photos taken with this scope.

Built rock solid, great optics, great 3.5" FTF and superb support from Yuri...
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by samsastro.com / (Posted on 7/15/2015)
Astonishing views
I am a professional astronomer with 40 years experience and have tested experimental optics as part of my research. Chose the TEC140 to have a top scope for use with my students in lab and bought it with myself with my summer teaching money. The day it arrived was clear and I setup to view Jupiter. I focused on the moons as is my custom with our lab scopes [SCTs] trying to make them as small as possible. That way i know the planet is in focus as well. There was a problem. I could not make them star-like. They had sizes and they were slightly different in size. The scope was resolving the Galilean moons as disks! In retrospect the seeing that night was the best for that entire year. I also have access to an outstanding compliment of eyepieces-Naglers, Vixen Lanthanums and the Edmund RKE, an outstanding planetary eyepiece-just ask Ting.
One night after viewing the moon I decided for fun to crank up the power way beyond anything reasonable. I had a Nagler 5x Powermate for imaging and I used it with an eyepiece that put the scope magnification above 2000X. The craters were excitedingly soft but it was easy to identify features. I have done the same drill with one of our SCTs and saw only white in the eyepiece. I have never regretted the choice of the TEC 140. Wish I could afford an observatory and a TEC 200.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by SCstarman / (Posted on 3/2/2014)
I had my TEC 140 #500 delivered to NEAF a couple years ago. The scope has been used purely visually with no intention to ever connect a camera to it. The finish is stunning and the attention to detail of every part of the scope obvious. The maker enjoys his craft and the scope is a labor of love.
The scope sits on an AP 900 and they go together well. Optically in the couple years I have owned the scope false color hasn't been noticeable even on bright objects like Sirius. The moon and planets through the scope when combined with Brandon eyepieces is breath taking when seeing here in the North East cooperates. With Nagler and ES eyepieces for wide fields DSO's have given me many memorable moments.
If your in the market for a world class APO you can't go wrong with the TEC 140. It's the perfect size for the seeing limited North East and really shows it's class at a dark sky site.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Philip / (Posted on 7/13/2013)
Included Items

Included Items

  • TEC 140mm APO ED Refractor OTA
  • FT3545 Feather Touch Focuser
  • Dust Covers
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