Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor

Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor
Item # TK-TSA0120
  • The Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor has a 900mm focal length (f/7.5) and a tube diameter of 125mm.
  • The Ortho-Apochromatic Triplet Lens incorporates an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched between crown glass to eliminate chromatic aberration.
  • The weight of the Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor tube assembly is 12.6 pounds and the tube length is approximately 28.25" when collapsed.
  • The "SA" stand for "Super Apochromat" and Apochromatic means you're free from those strange violet glows which often accompany bright stars or planets.


Takahashi TSA-120 Triplet APO Refractor

Are you ready for more Takahashi innovations? You asked for superior quality optics in a portable package and you got it... the Takahashi TSA-120. The "T" stands for Triplet and an air-spaced triplet design is exactly what you'll get. Inside the precision crafted lens cell, you'll find three elements, two extreme quality crown and flint glass, with an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched in between. While traditional refractor designs use oil in between elements, Takahashi doesn't... that means no oil to possibly leak out or become opaque with age. The "SA" stand for "Super Apochromat" and Apochromatic means you're free from those strange violet glows which often accompany bright stars or planets.

The lens cells are durably constructed to withstand transport - yet are fully able to be collimated should the owner wish to make adjustments. Just like its little brother, the TSA-102S, the optics on the Takahashi TSA-120 will be, we are sure, as near to perfection as you can get! The color free images produced will delight the lunar, planetary and deep sky observer with very high contract images with pin point stars. For planning out accesories to use to customize your experience, please consult this System Chart.

Takahashi TSA-120 Specifications...

  • Aperture: 120mm
  • Focal Length: 900mm
  • Focal Ratio: 7.5
  • Tube Length with Dew Shield: 990m
  • Tube Diameter: 125mm
  • Diameter of Dew Shield: 713mm (28")
  • Resolution: 0.97
  • Limiting Magnitude: 12.
  • Back Focus: 227.5mm (8.93")
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs

With TOA-35 Flattener:

  • Focal Length: 882mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/7.3
  • Optical Performance: 7 micron RMS-spot to 20mm off axis
  • Image Circle: 40mm
  • Image Field: 2.6" diameter

With TOA-35 Reducer:

  • Focal Length: 672mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5.6
  • Optical Performance: 4 microns RMS-spot on axis, 6 microns 10mm off-axis, 13 microns 20mm off-axis, 40mm/3.4" field

Takahashi Product Number: TSA0120

Important Note: Takahashi America requires that their telescope optical tube assemblies be shipped via 2nd Day Air or faster in order for the full warranty to be in force. Please make sure you choose the appropriate shipping method in your shopping cart or, if you speak to an OPT associate, request 2nd Day Air or faster. If you are purchasing a telescope and mount package or any accessories to accompany an OTA, please contact OPT for a shipping quote, since only the OTA is required to ship second day air but all other products can be shipped separately via any other available shipping method. Thank you!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Takahashi
Telescope Series Takahashi TSA
Optical Design Refractor - Apochromatic
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 4.7"
Secondary Aperture N/A
Telescope Focal Length 900mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/7.5
Back Distance 227.5mm
Image Circle Not supplied by manufacturer
Image Across Field Not supplied by manufacturer
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 12.1
Highest Useful Magnification 300x
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 125mm
Length of Optical Tube 28"
Optical Tube Weight 12.5 lbs.
Tube Color or Finish Gloss White
Finder Included None
Eyepiece(s) Included None
Diagonal Included? No - Sold Separately
Dew Shield Included? Yes
Dew Shield Outside Diameter 160mm
OTA Mount Type N/A
Power Adapter Included None - Does Not Require Power
Objects in Database N/A
Alignment Procedure N/A
Counterweights Included N/A
Mount Weight N/A
Total Telescope Weight 12.6 lbs.
Tripod Type Included None, Sold Separately

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

Top-notch optics, light OTA, reasonable price for premium scope
After much analysis I chose the Tak TSA 120 because it has the following attributes:
1. Premium Optics by a manufacturer with a rock solid reputation
2. Light weight (very important - many benefits here)
3. In the 120mm - 130mm aperture range
4. Reasonable price for premium scope

There were other scopes that came close, but the TSA 120 seemed to be the only scope that had all these attributes, especially the light weight!

I use this for visual and AP and it does not disappoint. I love the views and the photos are always beautiful, pinpoint clear, perfect color, and a flat wide field. I can use the f/5.6 reducer @ 672mm for wider field and shorter exposures or sue the native 900mm f7.7. The results are always satisfying.

I was hard-pressed to find a scope with similar aperture, equivalent premium optics, and weighing only 12 lbs! For my needs, the TSA 120 is perfect, I love it, and will probably keep it for life.

1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Rick B / (Posted on 5/30/2015)
Included Items

Included Items

  • Tube assembly
  • MEF fine focuser
  • Finder quick release bracket
  • 2” compression ring ocular adapter
  • 1 ¼” compression ring adapter w/ coupling
  • 2 ea. 72mm extension tubes
  • Metal focuser rear cover and 2” sleeve
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

If I order the Tak TSA-120 do you work with ScopeGuard Cases to provide a case for the scope?

Is the focuser on the Takahashi TSA -120 single speed or dual speed? If single speed what is the expense of converting it to dual speed?

Does this indeed come with the MEF fine focuser or does the INCLUDED ITEMS need to be updated on the site?
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