Vixen R200SS Bundle - Vixen SXW Sphinx Mount & Coma Corrector 3

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Vixen R200SS Bundle - Vixen SXW Sphinx Mount & Coma Corrector 3
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  • The Vixen R200SS Newtonian Reflector Telescope features extremely sharp images with no chromatic aberration.
  • Long focuser travel is excellent for astrophotography.
  • This Vixen R200SS 8" Newtonian OTA employs state-of-the-art coating technology to yield the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror.
  • Optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma-free image from edge to edge.
  • The Vixen R200SS Newtonian Reflector Telescope includes a dual-speed focuser, tube rings, compression ring, and carry strap.


Vixen R200SS - 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope

The remarkably fast 200mm (8") f/4 parabolic primary mirror of the Vixen R200SS Newtonian reflector gives extremely sharp images with no chromatic aberration. The use of state-of-the-art coating technology yields the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.

The telescope's large aperture and compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters and comets. The use of the optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma-free image from edge to edge, and the included dual speed focuser is great for fine-focus observing and imaging.

Vixen R200SS - 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope Features

  • 800mm focal length operating at a fast f/4 focal ratio for a wide, true field of view.
  • Multi-coated optics for bright, crisp images.
  • Impressive resolving power of 0.63" and limiting stellar magnitude of 13.3.
  • Optical tube assembly weighs only 11.68 pounds.

The product images may show optional equipment, like the 7X50 finder and bracket, and the eyepiece. This OTA comes with the tube rings, a carry handle, and a compression ring for the focuser.

About the SXW Sphinx Equatorial Mount

The Vixen SX or “SPHINX” mount and Star Book hand controller are groundbreaking advancements in high speed, portable GOTO mount technology. The SPHINX is a solid, well-built mount that has the look and feel of Vixen quality. Beginners and seasoned hobbyists alike will benefit from the portability of the mount, the easy-to-use controller, the ability to download future upgrades directly to the controller, and the versatility of placing a variety of optical tubes on this equatorial mount. The SX HAL130 tripod comes with this mount. If you'd like a very portable option, the SX Table-Top Tripod is recommended, and is sold separately.

Vixen Sphinx Mount Features

  • The mount uses a 180-tooth worm gear for fine full circle motion.
  • Built-in motors allow for improved motion of the polar axis rotation and reduces the need for heavy counterweights. The counterweight shaft is stored inside the mount for convenience.
  • An optional internally illuminated polar axis scope can be easily threaded into the mount body.
  • The SX mount easily handles Vixen’s 8 inch aperture optical tubes and utilizes the standard Vixen dovetail bracket.
  • The recommended loading capacity of the SPHINX mount is 35 lbs. •The weight of the SPHINX mount head (without counterweight) is 15 lbs/6.8 kg.
  • A Half Pillar accessory option adds height adjustment and viewing location versatility.


Vixen Starbook Features

The innovative Star Book hand controller offers astronomical navigation with a large full-color LCD screen! The color screen is a detailed star chart that acts as a navigational and GOTO guide for the mount.

  • Large color liquid crystal display. (4.7 inch, 320x420 pixels, STN, 4096 colors) with High Speed Internal CPU ( 32 bit RISC processor, 75MHz, 8MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash ROM upgradeable)
  • Zoom-In/Out buttons for the color star chart display also control the motor speed. As you zoom in closer to an object on the display screen, the motor speed automatically becomes finer and as you zoom out the motor speed increases to cover larger distances.
  • Features and menu options are displayed on the large color screen and are easily navigated with simple buttons on the controller. The STAR BOOK is amazingly easy to use and makes the SPHINX available to a wide range of ages and experience levels.
  • A large astronomical database with 22,725 celestial objects is stored.
  • A LAN Port within the controller allows for computer control and network connectivity. Vixen offers flash upgrade downloads from their website.
  • Auto-guider port is standard on all controllers. The STAR BOOK controller can be used as a stand alone star atlas from anywhere, anytime.

The Vixen Sphinx mount comes with the Star Book Controller, counterweight shaft and a 1.9 kg/4.19 lb. counterweight. This will allow for use and balance with a wide range of optical tubes. For using the mount with heavier optical tubes, additional counterweights are available. The weight of the mount and weight shaft (without counterweight) is 15 lbs/6.8 kg.

The SX HAL130 tripod is made specifically for the Vixen Sphinx equatorial mount. It provides ample stability and has no “wobble” points in its design. The new SX HAL130 has a larger base to carry the SX mount. The tripod extends from 81cm (31.88") to 130cm (51.18") and weighs 12 lbs (5.5 kg).

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU VX-5869-2510P1
Manufacturer Vixen
Telescope Series Vixen R
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Mount Type Equatorial - GoTo
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 8"
Telescope Focal Length 800mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/4
Highest Useful Magnification 400x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13.3
Optical Coatings Aluminum
Dew Shield Included? No, Not Necessary
Optical Tube Outer Diameter 232mm
Length of Optical Tube 27.5"
Optical Tube Weight 11.7 lbs.
Tube Color or Finish Gloss White
Finder Included None
Alignment Procedure EQ North Align
Objects in Database Over 22,000
Power Adapter Included DC Battery Adapter
Counterweights Included (1) 4.19 lb.
Hand Controller Included? Yes
Mount Weight 27 lbs.
Tripod Type Included Adjustable with Aluminum Legs
Total Telescope Weight 38.7 pounds (does not include counterweight)
Included Items

Included Items

  • Vixen R200SS - 8" f/4 Newtonian OTA
  • Dual Speed Focuser
  • Compression Ring
  • Carry Handle
  • 232mm Tube Rings
  • Sphinx SXW Mount
  • StarBook Controller
  • LAN Port
  • Autoguider Port
  • Counterweight Shaft
  • 4.19 lb. Counterweight
  • HAL-130 Tripod
  • Coma Corrector 3
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Product Questions

Could you provide more details as to the focuser- i.e. what are the speeds on the "dual-speed" focuser, what size eyepieces does it accept, is it made by Vixen or by another company? Thank you very much
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