Sky-Watcher 16" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

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Sky-Watcher 16" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

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  • Have aperture fever? This Sky-Watcher 16" f/4.4 Dobsonian telescope might just be the cure you need! Observing the night sky with a smooth, silent large aperture telescope is like a dream. See more details on the objects you love and find new, more distant targets that a smaller telescope just can't resolve.
  • The beauty of a Sky-Watcher big Dob isn't just the light-gathering, it's the amazing portability! Sky-Watcher's revolutionary truss-support design lets the top and bottom of the tube collapse together, making it much easier to transport and set up. No more worries about needing a bigger car for your astronomical pursuits.
  • The Sky-Watcher 16" Dobsonian comes with a 2" Crayford-style focuser, two eyepieces, and a 9x50 finder.
  • Image shows a 14" Dob. Yours will be quite a bit bigger!


Sky-Watcher 16" Dobsonian Reflector Collapsible Telescope

The Sky-Watcher 16" Dobsonian telescope is a giant light bucket! Peer deep into space, and see details and structure on galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters that smaller telescopes display as faint, fuzzy objects. Tackle objects that are elusive for most amateur astronomers, such as the Horsehead Nebula in Orion or M76 in Perseus. With a 16" mirror, you will have enough light grasp to see thousands of objects in the night sky…enough to keep you busy exploring for years to come!

Observing with a Dobsonian telescope is so low-tech and simple. Just swing your Sky-Watcher 16" to the quadrant of sky you want to search, and scan the vicinity. The included 9 x 50mm optical viewfinder provides both the magnification and light-gathering necessary to help narrow your search. The standard-equipment backlash-free 2" Crayford Focuser insures ultra smooth focusing adjustments, and the multi-coated, 4-element Plossl eyepieces (25mm and 10mm) provide a spacious 52º apparent field of view.

To ensure mechanical ease-of-use, Sky-Watcher USA uses a high-performance Teflon bearing system in both axes, combined with tension adjustment in altitude to facilitate setting the appropriate amount of friction, assuring smooth vertical and horizontal manual movement without free-play from small bumps or gusts of wind. This also eliminates the need to have a balanced optical tube as in an equatorial mount. Sky-Watcher's Teflon bearing system is preferable to the use of ball-bearings. Ball-bearings make unintended movement of the optical tube more difficult to control. Fortunately, at low power, deep-space objects leisurely drift through the field of the Sky-Watcher 16" Dob, so constant mechanical adjustment of the telescope's orientation isn't needed to keep objects in the field of view.

One of the major highlights of a Sky-Watcher Dobsonian is the revolutionary truss-support design that allows the optical tube's front and back cells to collapse together. This one piece, low-hassle OTA design is mechanically simple and results in large aperture telescopes that can be reasonably handled and transported by one individual. This innovation gives Sky-Watcher users tremendous functional ease-of-transportability.

Skywatcher 16" Dobsonian Telescope Highlights…

  • 16" (406 mm) Dobsonian-style Newtonian
  • 1800 mm focal length (f/4.4)
  • 2" Crayford-style focuser with 1.25" adapter
  • 4-element Plössl 25 mm and 10 mm 1.25" eyepieces
  • 9x50 straight through finderscope
  • Solid rocker-mount with Teflon bearings and tension clutch for altitude
  • Aluminum plate with needle bearings for azimuth
  • Eyepiece height at zenith: 68”
  • Collapsible Base

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SW-S11780
UPC Code 50234117807
Manufacturer Sky-Watcher
Telescope Series Sky-Watcher Dobsonian
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector - Open Truss
Mount Type Dobsonian Cradle
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 16"
Telescope Focal Length 1800mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/4.4
Optical Coatings Aluminum
Dew Shield Included? No, Not Necessary
Eyepiece(s) Included 10mm, 25mm
Tube Color or Finish Gloss Black
Finder Included 9 x 50 Optical Finder
Alignment Procedure N/A
Objects in Database N/A
Counterweights Included N/A
Power Adapter Included None - Does Not Require Power
Tripod Type Included None, Not Required
Included Items

Included Items

  • 16" f/4.4 Dobsonian Telescope
  • 9 x 50 Finderscope & Bracket
  • 2" Crayford Focuser
  • 1.25" Adapter
  • 10mm Plossl Eyepiece (1.25")
  • 25mm Plossl Eyepiece (1.25")
  • Dust Cover
  • Eyepiece Tray
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fairly simple. i'm surprised it is not in the specs: how much do the base and optical tube weigh each?
Could I see the entire Andromeda Galaxy without photography with this Skywatcher 16" Dobsonian telescope? What eyepiece should I use with it?
What are the dimensions of this telescope? Collapsed and fully extended.
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