Officina Stellare 500mm f/5 RiLA Astrograph - Standard Glass - Aluminum-Carbon Tube

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Officina Stellare 500mm f/5 RiLA Astrograph - Standard Glass - Aluminum-Carbon Tube
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  • The Officina Stellare 500 RiLA Astrograph is a fast telescope with a wide corrected field of view; perfect for imaging with today's large CCD sensors!
  • The 20" f/5 RiLA has a very simple optical system consisting of an aspherical primary and a spherical secondary, plus a special corrector at the back near focus. The low expansion optical set is easy to collimate and produces high resolution images across a wide field.
  • The RILA 500 houses the optics in a carbon fiber/aluminum open truss tube.
  • Back focus is 280mm, and the RMS spot size at 52mm off-axis is 6 microns; diffraction limited across full 105 mm field!
  • This OTA package includes two Losmandy-style dovetail bars, manual control on both mirrors, a black fabric shroud and caps.



Officina Stellare 500 RiLA Astrograph

with Low Expansion Optics and Aluminum-Carbon Truss

Officina Stellare is one of today's leaders in the production of high quality astronomy equipment for the discerning professional or advanced amateur. Their products can be found in observatories around the world, and their high speed tracking lens systems are a relied upon component in the industries of aerospace and defense.

One of the reasons Officina Stellare is so popular today is because they listen to their customers. In fact, the RiLA series of astrographs was created because customers asked for a fast telescope with a very wide, corrected field of view. They wanted something that didn't weigh a ton, but that would accept all of the imagers, rotators, focusers, guiders, and other equipment that makes up the imaging train used by today's astronomer.

Once Officina Stellare decided they would make this dream telescope a reality, they put Italian optical designer, Massimo Riccardi, on the job. Riccardi wanted to create a telescope that had the following characteristics:

  • It had to be a fast system.
  • The design needed to be compact and lightweight for its aperture.
  • It would have the least number of surfaces possible while still producing a large corrected field.
  • The secondary obstruction would be as small as possible.

These features were made a reality and then some with the creation of the Officina Stellare RiLA (Riccardi Large Astrograph) Series. The design, which is a modification of the Harmer-Wynne, has an aspherical primary and a spherical secondary. A special corrector is placed just before focus. The RiLA is corrected in the visible near IR range, with more than 80% of its energy focused in a 4-6 micron RMS spot.

The Officina Stellare 500 RILA Astrograph has an aperture of 20" and a focal ratio of f/5. The low expansion optics are housed in an aluminum carbon fiber truss tube, and there are Losmandy style dovetails mounted on the truss for mounting versatility. Three ventilation fans are part of the design, which helps the telescope reach ambient temperature as quickly as possible. The mirrors can be heated to keep dew at bay, and depending on the package or accessories you choose, most everything can be electronically controlled via the TC-1.


Officina Stellare 500mm f/5 RiLA Highlights…


  • Aperture: 500mm (20")
  • Glass:  Low Expansion Borosilicate
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Focal Length: 2500mm
  • Fully Corrected & Illuminated Field: 105mm
  • RMS Spot Size @ 52 mm Off-Axis: 6 micron
  • RMS Spot Size @ 26 mm Off-Axis: 6.4 micron
  • Back Focus: 280 mm
  • Obstruction: 52%
  • OTA: Carbon/Aluminum truss for thermal stability and light weight.
  • Easy Alignment: Specially designed mirror cells and spherical secondary are easy to align.
  • Small Spot Size: For wide field, high resolution images.
  • Diffraction-Limited: Across the entire 105 mm field!


This RiLA Package Includes…


  • 20" Astrograph with Low Expansion Optics in an Aluminum-Carbon Truss Design
  • Two Losmandy-Style Dovetails
  • Three Ventilation Fans
  • Mirror Heating
  • Manual Control on Both Mirrors
  • Manual Movement of Secondary Mirror
  • Black Fabric Shroud
  • Caps/Covers
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Officina Stellare
Telescope Series Officina Stellare RILA
Optical Design Astrograph
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Glass Type Low Expansion Borosilicate Glass
Telescope Aperture 500mm (19.69")
Telescope Focal Ratio f/5
Telescope Focal Length 2500mm
Tube Material Aluminum and Carbon
Tube Color or Finish Carbon Fiber
Finder Included None
Included Items

Included Items

  • Officina Stellare 20" f/5 Astrograph with Low Expansion Optics and a Carbon/Aluminum Truss
  • Two Losmandy-Style Dovetails
  • Black Fabric Shroud
  • Caps
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