JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers

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JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers
Item # JTW-MCDK-300
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  • The JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers is a highly automated, innovative new 300mm f/6 optical assembly system with a huge range of features, ideal for any use you care to name ranging from purely visual to high quality imaging with a DSLR or CCD camera. Made mostly from extremely high quality materials such as stainless steel or high grade plastic, it's a true work of art.
  • The JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers takes up to six months to deliver- because they make one, when you order it- which also means that you'll be able to work towards customizing it's appearance to your precise liking! Each and every one of these scopes is a labor of craftsmanship and love, and they are only available through special order and contact.
  • The JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers is only available for sale from OPT in America!
  • Note: Images are computer renderings of the standard arrangement. Your MCDK 300mmm f/6 may appear differently depending on customization options.
  • For further information, please contact us!


JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers

This redesign of the MCDK is perhaps the highest quality yet- high praise indeed! The manufacturer believes this to be the first production model telescope on the open market with automated collimination and an integrated full aperture guide system- and we are inclined to agree with JTW on this! The focuser has been replaced by motorized secondary mirror, allowing JTW to replace the previous focuser with a super rigid instrumentation mount point/guiding system. Even the dust covers are automated now. The primary mirror runs on motorised ballscrews and is locked with solenoids, making this entire setup ideal for remote installations!

The MCDK 300mm f/6 was designed and crafted entirely in Holland with JTW's uniquely distinctive style. The entire design has been both computer optimized, and looked over piece by piece by human hands and minds. Every single feature of the telescope from the optical train to the mechanical systems have been through repeated iterations to increase stability and quality while reducing weight and cost without compromising the system integrity. What is more, the materials utilized for the telescope's construction have all been carefully selected and refined to be optimal for their intended functions; In this telescope you will find various exotic alloys of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass as well as various composites.

JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph with Automated Focus/OAG/Covers Features

  • 300mm f/6 MDDK Astrograph
  • Mirror substrate is Supremax with Aluminium and protective SiO2 layer
  • Lenses are BBAR coated BK7
  • Diffraction limited optical design
  • Spot size < 6 µm
  • Integrated full aperture guide system
  • Optically nulled after construction
  • Optics come with dual certification (internal test and 3rd party confirmation)
  • Automated collimation for primary mirror
  • Automated x/y stage for guide port
  • Automated focusing via secondary mirror
  • Automated dust covers
  • 6061-T6, 6082-T651, 7075-T6 & AlMg5 high grade aluminium alloys
  • SAE 304 & SAE 316 stainless steel alloys
  • PTFE, Acetal and PEEK high grade plastics
  • Losmandy or JTW (taper lock) style dovetail
  • Foam lined carry case
  • Mirror test reports and unique serial number

JTW MCDK 300mm f/6 Astrograph: Mechanical Systems

Now, it's common wisdom to state that no matter how high quality the optics of a system are, it's of little value if the rest of the telescope does not measure up to the same level of quality- something it's incredibly clear that JTW was well aware of! The entire system has been put through hundreds of hours of computer simulations, tests, and design optimizations. Each and every new iteration that they produced was more rigid and lighter than the last- and with that in mind, realize that this was the final product of such a strenuous process- the design that won out of potentially hundreds! Performance was their top priority- and it shows in every facet of this marvelous piece of hardware. Compared to the common aluminum and carbon fiber construction of most telescopes, the exotic stainless steel variants, high tech composites and brass of the MCDK 300mm f/6 are absolutely top notch; enabling reduction in the size and weight of many components while gaining in rigidity!

The deviation of the focal point on the sensor from horizon to horizon is just a few microns, smaller than the pixels on almost all high-end imaging sensors.. The mirror holders are self centering and will hold collimation for life with the exception of very rough transport or accidental knocks. The primary mirror collimation knobs are custom machined and run on bearings for absolute precision, both the primary and secondary knobs have nice large knurled grips for easy adjustment. Every material involved in the telescope's construction was chosen for maximum thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and is over-engineered to guarantee reliable collimation. The primary mirror holder is itself a unique design made from Stainless Steel, and has floating mirror support arms with one degree of freedom to completely eliminate deformation due to weight related stresses while retaining absolute precision and rigidity (parent pending). A side effect of this unique design is that there is room enough for the six separate cooling fans without expanding the length of the tube at all! The primary cooling system is a Di Mauri configuration and the radial spacing of the fans ensures even cooling of the mirror. The standard back focus is 80mm, but JTW is willing to fully customize this to your needs, of course!

And of course, the entirety of the high quality system is micro baffled to eliminate any risk of reflections. These baffles are made using custom ground tooling with no quarter given to convenience of production over performance! They are made of Acetal, a very rigid yet light plastic which is then flocked so as to reduce reflections to the absolute minimum possible. The corrector lenses are factory adjusted, but are adjustable and also removable (for spectroscopy). By keeping the length of the telescope to a minimum we also guarantee enough back focus to use a DSLR with a filter wheel. Mounting is via a Losmandy style dovetail.

JTW is also willing to offer a full customization service free of charge; meaning that the telescope is available with the anodization in any color, and can be hydro dipped. For further details, please talk to a sales representative when ordering!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer JTW
Telescope Series JKW MCDK
Optical Design Astrograph
Mount Type None - Optical Tube Only
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Telescope Aperture 300mm
Telescope Focal Length 1800mm
Telescope Focal Ratio f/6
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