Vixen Advanced Polaris Photo Guider Equatorial Mount

Vixen Advanced Polaris Photo Guider Equatorial Mount
Item # VX-39989
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  • The Vixen Advanced Polaris Photo Guider was built to travel! Will fit in a carry on bag and weighs just 20.2 pounds - counterweight included. Perfect for eclipses or the astronomer who loves to go to new viewing and imaging locations.
  • A natural upgrade from typical lightweight "trackers", the Vixen AP Photo Guider is a fully motorized EQ mount featuring Vixen's Starbook 1 controller and a sturdy adjustable 3-section tripod.
  • Full backlash compensation and PEC.
  • Multiple tracking and slew speeds including celestial, solar, lunar and King's.
  • Powered by a micro-USB cable, runs on 5V power supply or standard AC micro USB cell phone charger.
  • 5 year warranty.


Vixen Advanced Polaris Photo Guider Equatorial Mount

Vixen's latest Advanced Photo Guider of the Polaris series is a lightweight star tracker meant for long exposure astrophotography providing the same precision as an AP mount and ease of portability of an EQ mount. This AP Photo Guider Mount comes with the Starbook One controller that provides both accurate tracking over long periods, and easy operation.  Thanks to a more heavy duty design than other trackers Advanced Polaris Photo Guider works well with a moderate size telephoto lens and large DSLR camera allowing you to capture incredible long exposure images.  The included tripod adjusts from 22.4" to 51" with a total height adjustable from 20.7" to 45.6"
 The aforementioned Starbook One controller allows the AP Photoguider to produce smooth, accurate tracking no matter the situation. The controller features variable tracking and slewing speeds, as well as backlash compensation and PEC. This gives you the versatility needed to shoot virtually any kind of sky object as you can select from celestial, solar, lunar, and King's rate tracking speeds.   Built-in autoguiding port allows you to add your favorite auto-guider for increased accuracy. 

This mount was made to travel! Supporting the mount is a three-section, fully adjustable tripod which collapses down to about 2 feet, easily packed in carry-on luggage. 
 The mount head weighs just 6 pounds, the tripod weights 12 pounds and the included counterweight is 2.2 pounds.  That is an easily managed total weight of 20.2 pounds.  Powered by a mini USB cable plugged into your choice of DC power adapter.  

Mount Features

  • Mount: Advanced Polaris Mount R.A. Body unit with Mount base
  • Motor Drive: R.A. Motor Module and STAR BOOK ONE controller
  • Tripod: APP -TL130 Tripod
  • RA Slow Motion/DEC Slow Motion: Worm and Wheel Gears with 140 Tooth whole circle micro-movement
  • RA Axis: 59mm diameter, aluminum alloy
  • DEC Axis: 59mm diameter, aluminum alloy
  • Azimuth Adjustment:Twin screw knobs About 1.4 deg per rotation
  • Altitude Adjustment:Latitude between 0 deg ~ 65 deg with a tangent screw bolts about 1.9 deg per rotation Number of Bearings:7 Pieces- Ball Bearings
  • PG Mount Head Unit; Dovetail Slide Bar PG, Polar Alignment Scope

Starbook One Features

  • Powered by mount through connector port
  • LED display screen backlight, with night vision friendly red LED keypad.  Each has individual dimmer control. 
  • ST-4 compatible integrated autoguider port
  • Sidereal tracking with different tracking speeds: Celestial, solar, lunar, and King's rate
  • Variable manual slewing speeds from 0.1x to 999x
  • Backlash compensation and periodic error correction, eliminating natural errors that occur during mount tracking for increased accuracy while imaging.
  • This mount works no matter where you travel! Choose between Northern and Southern hemisphere tracking modes. 
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU VX-39989
Head Design Equatorial
Tripod or Pier Included? Yes
GPS Included? No
Electronics Included Motorized - Dual Drive
Manufacturer Vixen
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Hand Controller Included Vixen Starbook One
# of Counterweights Included 0
Tracking Rates Lunar, Sidereal, Solar
Objects in Database N/A
Mount Special Features Integrated Polar Finder
Saddle Width V Series
Weight Capacity Less than 15 pounds. Specifics not given by manufacturer. Proper balance will affect load capacity.
Leg Length 22.4" to 51"
Material Aluminum
Power Supply Included None - Requires 12V Battery
Tracking Modes EQ North, EQ South
Latitude Range 0º - 65º
Weight of Tripod/Monopod 12 lbs.
Weight of Head 6 lbs.
Included Items

Included Items

  • Vixen AP Photo Guider EQ Mount Head
  • Adjustable Tripod
  • Starbook 1 with Cable
  • Polar Scope
  • 2.2 lb. Counterweight
  • 20mm Round Counterweight Shaft
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

1. Not sure about the power - the spec says it comes from a USB port (5v) but also says it requires a 12v battery. Does it require two power supplies or are they alternates and how much current would each power source have to supply a) for slewing, b) for tracking.

2. Does the unit have setting circles or does star book supply dec and ra values? Does a dec motor need to be fitted to obtain dec values or are the encoders in the mount?

Many thanks, Peter
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