iOptron iEQ45E Equatorial Mount with 48" Pier

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iOptron iEQ45E Equatorial Mount with 48" Pier
Item # IO-8000E-48P
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  • This iOptron iEQ45E GoTo German Equatorial Mount comes with an aluminum & steel pier that stands 48".
  • The iOptron iEQ45 was designed to handle a lot of weight for its size. The weight capacity is 45 lb. but the mount weighs only 25 lb.
  • Includes built-in 32-bit GPS, an ST-4 guide port and RS232 communication port, auto meridian flip, power interruption recovery, and much, much more.
  • The GoToNova hand controller included with this iEQ45 Pro has a whopping 580,000 object library, star recognition for alignment, and a heat function to keep things running smoothly during the cold winter months.


iOptron iEQ45 Pro Computerized Equatorial Mount with 48” Pier

The iOptron iEQ45 equatorial mount is the perfect instrument for beginning astrophotographers as well as visual amateur astronomers who would like a lightweight yet sturdy mount for their small to medium-sized telescope. With a weight capacity of 45 pounds, the iEQ45 Pro can handle a wide variety of refractor or Cassegrain-style telescopes with weight to spare, and with an actual weight of only 25 lb., it will be easy to set up, break down, and transport to your favorite observing location.

iEQ45 Equals Sophisticated Electronics

The electronics included with the iOptron iEQ45 Pro mount are those normally found on much more pricy models, including built-in 32 channel GPS, permanent periodic error correction (PEC), and an ST-4 autoguiding port that is capable of reverse guiding with auto-protection. Several tracking rates are available on the iEQ45 Pro, including Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, King (which compensates for the effect of refraction) & User. The User tracking rate can be set as required for your applications. The User Rate can be adjusted from 0.9900X to 1.0100X of sidereal speed.

GoTo Hand Controller with 580,000 Objects!

Control your iEQ45 Pro with the iOptron GOTONOVA hand controller with its amazingly huge 580,000 object database. The controller has an 8-line, 21 character LCD screen, and is heated so that it behaves consistently, even in cold weather…a thoughtful idea that is not commonly included on most computerized hand controllers. With this very smart controller you can slew (move) the telescope with nine different speeds. Zip across the sky at up to 5.83° per second to move from one object to another, or crawl along slowly to center the object in the field of view of your eyepiece or camera.

Includes a Polar Scope for Quick & Easy Alignment

Polar align your iEQ45 with help from the included AccuAlign dark field illumination polar scope. iOptron’s AccuAligning Polar Scope, together with its Quick Polar Alignment process and application, provides an accurate and fast polar alignment for an equatorial mount. The dark field illuminated dial makes the polar alignment simple and easy and it can be done just in minutes.

Achieve Premium Stability with 48” Pier!

Instead of a tripod, this version of the iEQ45 mount comes with a 48” aluminum alloy pier. The pier itself has a diameter of 5.7” is structurally reinforced with stainless steel rods that are adjustable, and the pier legs are made of steel and retract so that the pier will have a small footprint when not in use or during transport. The 48” Pier weighs just 25 pounds, making it just about as portable as a standard tripod.

iOptron iEQ45 Pro EQ Mount Specifications

  • Mount Type: Equatorial
  • Maximum Payload: 45 lb. or 20 kg
  • Mount Weight (not including counterweights): 25 lb. or 11.4kg
  • Latitude Adjustment Range: 5 - 70 degrees
  • Azimuth Adjustment Range: Plus or Minus 6 degrees
  • RA Worm Period: 337 seconds
  • Right Ascension Worm Wheel: 256 teeth, M=0.5, aluminum
  • Declination Worm Wheel: 228 teeth, M=0.5, aluminum
  • RA and DEC Worm: 17mm diameter, brass
  • RA Bearing: 80mm diameter
  • DEC Bearing: 68mm diameter
  • Right Ascension Axis Shaft: 50mm diameter, steel
  • Declination Axis Shaft: 40mm diameter, steel
  • Gear Meshing: Zero backlash
  • Counterweight Shaft: 28mm diameter, stainless steel
  • Counterweight: Two 11 lb. or 5kg counterweights
  • Mount Base Diameter: 150mm diameter
  • Dovetail Saddle: 6” dual Vixen/Losmandy Style
  • Level Indicator: Precision Bubble
  • Polar Scope: AccuAlign G2 polar scope, dark field
  • Drive Motor: 1:8 degree stepper motor
  • Resolution: 0.09 arc seconds
  • Transmission: Synchronous belt
  • Motor Control: Open loop
  • PEC: Permanent PEC (PPEC)
  • Hand Controller: GoToNova 8407+ with 580,000 objects
  • Hand Controller Display: 8 line, 21 character LCD, heated
  • Slew Speed: 9 speeds, 5.83 degrees per second max (1400X)
  • Tracking Rate: Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, King, User
  • Meridian Treatment: Stop (0-15º pass) and auto flip
  • GPS: Built-in 32 channel
  • Communication Port: RS232
  • Guiding Port: ST-4
  • Power Interruption Recover: Yes
  • Power Requirement: DC 12V (11 - 15V) 2A
  • Power Consumption: 0.45A tracking, and 0.75A GoTo
  • Computer Control: Yes (ASCOM)
  • Operation Temperature: -20º to 45º C
  • Tripod/Pier: 48” Pier
  • Pier Diameter: 5.7” or 144mm
  • Pier Height: 40”
  • Standing Height: 48”
  • Leg Length: 22.5” or 570mm
  • Total Weight: 25 lb.or 11.3kg


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU IO-8000E-48P
Head Design Equatorial
Tripod or Pier Included? Yes
GPS Included? Yes
Electronics Included Computerized - GoTo
Manufacturer iOptron
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Hand Controller Included iOptron GoTo Nova
# of Counterweights Included 2
Weight of Counterweights 11 lbs.
Tracking Rates Lunar, Sidereal, Solar
Mount Special Features Illuminated Polar FInder, Integrated Bubble Level
Saddle Width Universal - Will adapt to most plates
Weight Capacity 45 lbs.
Material Steel
Power Supply Included AC Wall Adapter
Tracking Modes EQ North, EQ South
Weight of Tripod/Monopod 25 lb.
Weight of Head 25 lb.
Included Items

Included Items

  • iOptron iEQ45E GoTo German Equatorial Mount
  • 48" Pier
  • Built-in 32-bit GPS
  • Polar Scope
  • Controller
  • Cables
  • Counterweights
  • 12V AC Adapter
  • Car Accessory Plug Adapter
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Product Questions

My partner and I are going to purchase the telescope separately, the Ota is going to be purchased by me, so I need to know if a C8 HD Edge with the CGE bayonet or CG-5 bayonet is compatible with this mount. Thanks in advance!
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