Celestron CGX Mount

Celestron CGX Mount
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  • The amazing new Celestron CGX Mount is the product of many long years of rethinking and redesigning the German Equatorial mount from the top to bottom. And the results speak for themselves- behold the finest example of a GEM available, a true marvel of engineering that combines surprising affordability with absolutely top notch quality.
  • More responsive, the Celestron CGX mount has spring-loaded worm gears with belt drives to minimize backlash.
  • You can easily mount a wide range of optical tube assemblies on the CGX dual-fit CG-5 (Vixen)/CGEM (Losmandy) dovetail saddle plate.
  • The Celestron CGX Mount also boasts internal cabling, a phenomenal feat of engineering that massively cuts down on one of the inherent problems of a GEM mount by removing all danger of tangling your cables!
  • All-Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, making polar alignment easier and faster. The CGX mount also supports StarSense AutoAlign.
  • The Celestron CGX Mount uses all new, highly sophisticated telescope control software that was designed in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. Features include multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving.
  • The Celestrong CGX Mount also boasts simply splendid ergonomics, and comes with a highly stable, heavy duty steel tripod. It is extremely portable, despite boasting a 55lbs weight capacity
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The Celestron CGX Mount

State of the Art Brought to a Whole New Level

The product of many long years of design and planning, the CGX is a complete redesign of the very concept of a German Equatorial mount, an improvement upon Celestron's previous offerings in most every way. They've spent years rethinking and redesigning a GEM from the top to bottom, and the results speak for themselves. Surpassing an already top notch design in every way isn't an easy design goal- but a quick look is enough to tell that the engineers at Celestron were up to that task and then some. The design is sturdier and more rigid as a baseline, simply better to begin with. It also boasts a quicker dampening time, with silky smooth movements to complement that.

The backlash for this amazing mount is absolutely minimal, showing this design for the top of the line quality item that it is. This is aided by the belt driven worm gears, which have been spring loaded for optimal gear meshing. The weight capacity is declared as 55lbs- and that's a humble declaration to say the least. This piece of hardware is one of the most solid things on the market, absolutely capable of blowing away anything similar priced in sheer quality.

One of the more impressive features of this mount is the internal cabling in the Go-To system. The way it's designed, almost all the cabling is internal. This means that you don't need to worry about re-positioning your initial wiring setup once you've hooked the mount up to begin with; because all the cabling is internal, none of it is in the way to get tangled up and cause issues for you while you observe using the (Impressively potent!) Go-To capabilities of this mount. Your power supply and accessories can simply plug into a stationary port on the mounts body, and then never be worried about for the rest of your night!

The motors are another place where improvement is self evident. They are able to provide notably more torque when active, while the design of the mount ensures that everything is controlled to the tightest, smoothest degree. This innovative mount has a lower profile than most other GEM's as well, giving it a great boost to both stability and portability with it's lower center of gravity and compact design. And then it goes a step further in the aim of that goal, as the EQ head's position is adjustable, allowing you to optimize it to match your tripod perfectly for an ideal center of gravity. This mount continues to impress with it's next notable feature; a dual fit head that permits both Vixen and Losmandy style dovetails, massively increasing the range of scopes that can be mounted atop this beautiful device!

As a quick summary- The CGX is simply more responsive, with spring-loaded worm gears and belt drives that minimize backlash. Internal cabling means power and accessory ports do not move with the mount, and there are also home and limit switches, as well as internal hard stops for both RA and Dec to prevent cable wrap and tripod strike. Ergonomics have also been massively improved overall, ranging from the carry handles to the adjustment knobs, making setup and takedown both infinitely easier. Another fascinating feature is that there is a clear window built into the motor covers, letting you keep an eye on the pulleys and belts. 

And lest we forget- this is most definitely a Go-To mount. Coming with the splendid quality NexStar hand controller and a database of over 40,000 objects, this state of the art mount is definitely ready to take you on the greatest trip of the night sky possible! The Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount tracks 20-degrees past the meridian on either side to maximize the best imaging time. Technologies such as SkyPortal WiFi and StarSense AutoAlign are supported, and All Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, for faster and easier polar alignment. New telescope control software for automation and remote operation has been designed for the Celestron CGX in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. This software features multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving. With this innovative software, no third party advanced PC control software is needed! An intuitive hand controller allows you to align and move the CGX with ease.

This already top notch mount comes atop a tripod perfect for use with it. The sturdy 2" thick steel legs come with graduated markings that make leveling quicker and easier all around, and an included spreader bar adds even greater stability to this heavy duty duty tripod while also giving you a few more places to store your eyepieces between use!

The mount itself weighs in at just 44 pounds, and the marvelous tripod it rests atop only at 19.2 pounds. This combined with the incredibly convenient carry bars on the mount make for extremely useful levels of portability for the astronomer on the go!

Celestron Product Number: 91530

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU CE-91530
UPC Code 050234915304
Head Design Equatorial
Tripod or Pier Included? Yes
GPS Included? No
Electronics Included Computerized - GoTo
Manufacturer Celestron
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Hand Controller Included Celestron CPC/ Nexstar Computerized
Tracking Rates Lunar, Sidereal, Solar
Objects in Database 40,000+
Mount Special Features Integrated Polar Finder, Internal Cabling
Saddle Width Dual V & D
Weight Capacity 55 lbs
Leg Length Adjustable
Accessory Tray Included? Yes
Material Steel
Latitude Range 3-65 degree
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Are the RA / DEC worm Gears Aluminum or Brass gears ? Does it have any permanently lubricated ball bearings ?
Does this mount have what Orion calls "closed loop electronics," meaning when you disengage the clutches and point manually, the computer's digital setting circles still know where the scope is pointed?
How big are the shipping boxes for this mount?
Does the mount come with a counterweight?
What is the overall height of the mount itself from base to top of the saddle?
Can the CGX mount polar align in the daytime using only the sun as a target rather than a single night time "star"? One of the five alignment methods is called "solar system". So again, can it use the sun as a solar system object to polar align? This would be quite handy for the August 21 eclipse coming up.
Is there any way to store a permanent PEC curve to the mount/controller?
What are the diameters of the RA and Dec worm gears?
Does the CGX mount support the Celestron C14 optical tube?
Will the Celestron C14 fit on the CGX mount?

Cost of the CGX without tripod?
Does this mount have what Orion calls "closed loop electronics"; when you loosen the clutches, point manually, and then re-engage the clutches/worm gears, does the computer know where you pointed?
Does the CGX have an autoguider port?
What is the diameter of the counterweight bar? Does it take CGEM weights or CGEM DX weights?
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