Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Versatile Alt-Azimuth Mount

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Versatile Alt-Azimuth Mount
Item # SW-S11750
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  • The Sky-Watcher Virtuoso is an amazing do-everything mount! Look at the stars at night or the Sun during the day with the included 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and full aperture solar filter. Attach your iPhone, DSLR camera, or camcorder to the included L-bracket and take 360ยบ panoramic images.
  • Attach the Sky-Watcher Virtuoso mount to a tripod (optional) or sit it on a table or other sturdy surface. This multi-function mount is motorized and has dual-axis encoders, which means it will not lose alignment if you move it by hand.
  • Video cruising mode allows you to record panning video with up to 6 programmable stopping points.
  • The very versatile Virtuoso comes with a 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, a solar filter and solar finder, a 5x24 finder, a mounting bracket, two 1.25" eyepieces (10mm & 20mm), and a 1.25" diagonal.


Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Versatile Mount...

This lightweight, motorized mount from Sky-Watcher is versatile, indeed! With the 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope attached to the arm, you can use the Virtuoso as a nighttime telescope with the two eyepieces that are included in the package. Extra eyepieces can always be added later on as your interest in the hobby grows. During the day you can look at activity on the Sun with the included full aperture solar filter and special sun finder. Watch huge sunspots grow and shrink with your own eyes, and know that you will always have a way to safely view solar eclipses! When you're not looking at the Sun you can use the telescope as a terrestrial spotting scope. Watch for whales from the beach, safely view wildlife when you're camping or on vacation, or check out the bird's nest in your own backyard!

With most telescopes, when the optical tube assembly is being removed from the mount, you are normally putting everything away. Not with the Sky-Watcher Virtuoso! The multi-function motorized mount with dual-encoders can help you take pictures or video with your phone, camera, or camcorder that you wouldn't be able to achieve if you were holding the device in your hand. Attach the special bracket to the mount and then simply mount your device to the bracket. Make a panoramic photo of your surroundings, or use a video camera to go "video cruising" and program up to six stops in the sequence. There is even an automatic shutter release function for the Canon Rebel EOS DSLR camera included on the mount.The Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Versatile Mount requires 8 AA user-supplied batteries, which means you can take this mount anywhere! Sit it on a picnic table, a solid cement wall, or other flat surface, or attach it to a tripod if you'd rather stand. The dual-axis encoders on the mount allow you to make manual movements during tracking without causing the electronics to losing alignment.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SW-S11750
UPC Code 50234117500
Head Design Alt-Azimuth
Tripod or Pier Included? No
GPS Included? No
Electronics Included Motorized - Dual Drive
Manufacturer Sky-Watcher
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Power Supply Included None - Requires AA Batteries
Included Items

Included Items

  • Sky-Watcher Virtuoso Alt-Azimuth Tabletop Mount
  • 5 x 24 Finderscope
  • 90mm Maksutov Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly
  • 90mm Solar Filter
  • Solar Finder with Bracket
  • 1.25" Star Diagonal
  • Two 1.25" eyepieces
  • 1/4-20 L Bracket
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Does this mount accept other telescopes? And if so, how large?
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