Astronomik UHC Filter - Canon EOS Full Frame Clip

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Astronomik UHC Filter - Canon EOS Full Frame Clip
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  • This Astronomik UHC Filter is a great filter crafted from a German manufacturer and mounted in a clip-in filter that fits full-frame Canon EOS cameras like the 5D or 6D.
  • With a high transmission of nearly 100% of H-Beta and OIII lines, you will experience more detail in gas and planetary nebulae.
  • The Astronomik UHC Filter is amazingly scratch-resistant, and has a five year warranty.
  • Diffraction limited, the filter will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope!


Astronomik UHC Filter - Canon EOS Full Frame Clip

The Astronomik UHC filter lets almost 100% of the radiation from both O-III lines and the H-beta line pass through. A second bandpass for the H-alpha line ensures that this radiation also reaches the eye, and scattered light from other wavelength ranges is also filtered out. Due to the strong reduction of the sky background, gas and planetary nebulas are visible with an unexpected abundance of detail. Because of the high transmission, the UHC filter provides enough light to successfully observe deep-sky objects with smaller telescopes.

The filters are optimized for use with focal ratios of f/4 to f/15. Unlike other filters on the market, loss of transmission and color displacement with the Astronomik filter occurs only on telescopes with extremely fast focal ratios of f/3 on up. Compared to the UHC filters sold by other manufacturers, the Astronomik UHC filter shows you more stars and more details in nebulas, and because of the high quality of the glass, you will see stars as small pinpoints.

Astronomik filters are in a class by themselves when compared to other filters made by Japanese and US manufacturers. The coatings are completely sealed and insensitive to moisture. They do not change with the years, but keep their transmission characteristics indefinitely. The coatings are so hard that is it not possible to scratch them by mistake. You would have to rub them with sandpaper to get even the finest of scratches! Due to these outstanding characteristics, Astronomik gives them a 5 year guarantee. Each filter will be sent in a useful protective case. br>

UHC Filter Suitability:

  • Visual observation (dark skies): Very good, for telescopes of all apertures and high exit pupil 
  • Visual observation (urban skies): Very good, for telescopes from 100 mm aperture
  • Film photography: Reasonable, but very long exposure time 
  • CCD photography: Good, when used with an additional IR-block-filter 
  • DSLR photography (original): Good, color balance shifted but contrast enhanced 
  • DSLR photography (astro modified): Very good, colour balance is near perfect 
  • DSLR photography (MC modified): Good, when used with an additional IR-block-filter 
  • Webcam / Video (Planets): Unsuitable 
  • Webcam / Video (Deep Sky): Good, if light pollution is a big problem

About the Astronomik XL Clip Filter System....

The patented Astronomik Clip-Filter System for Canon full-frame cameras is black anodized aluminum and laser-cut on state-of-the-art modern machines. It can be inserted within seconds directly into any full-frame (5D and 6D, for example) EOS camera body. There are no changes necessary and all lens functions (focus, screen, image stabilization) remain functional! If you have a EOS Rebel, or other Canon APS-C sized camera body, you should purchase the standard-sized Astronomik UHC EOS Clip filter instead.

Almost all Canon system lenses (with the exception of the EF-S series) and all M42 and T2 lens adapters, can be used with the Astronomik Clip-Filter System. The Clip-Filter System also acts as an outstanding dust shield, which prevents the possibility of dust settling on the sensor during long time exposure (The MC-Clear filter does not have a filter effect and only acts as a dust shield.)

Astronomik UHC Filter Features...

  • Transmission of nearly 100% of O-III and H-beta
  • Transmission of 96% of H alpha
  • Entire Blocking of annoying wavelengths
  • Ideal All-round Deep Sky filter even for small telescopes
  • Not sensitive to humidity or aging
  • Scratch-resistant!
  • Excellent carrier material. The optical performance of your telescope is not reduced by the filter in any way.
  • Parfocal with other Astronomik filters
  • Glass thickness: 1mm
  • Completely resistant against high humidity, scratches and aging effects
  • Diffraction limited, the filter will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope!
  • Astronomik filters are delivered in a high-quality, long lasting, filter box
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Astronomik
Type of Filter Contrast Booster
Filter Usage Imaging
Single or Set? Single Filter
Filter Size EOS Full Format
Filter Shape EOS XL
Filter Mounted? Mounted
Warranty 10 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Astronomik UHC EOS Clip Filter for Full-Frame Canon Cameras
  • Plastic Protective Case
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Please tell me about all of the consequences of using this clip-in filter. When installed inside the camera body, it forces the mirror to stay up, doesn't it? What are the implications of this? I can tell right away that it will prevent use of the viewfinder so I must use live-view instead. Not necessarily a big deal in astrophotography but some AP shots can be composed with the viewfinder alone. After installing it, how does the camera respond to having the mirror stuck in the up position? Should I expect an error message / warning on the screen? What settings in the camera (EOS 6D) should be changed when the filter is installed?

I would also welcome a quick comparison of this filter format in relation to the 2" threaded UHC filter, in terms of the kinds of uses each is intended for. (I think I can guess but confirmation is what I'm looking for)

Thank you!
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