Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25" Round Mounted

Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25" Round Mounted
Item # AN-NIRL-27R
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  • The Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25" is a round, mounted filter.
  • To be used with High-QE CCDs like the Kodak ME series or any backthinned CCD.
  • The Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25" allows you to explore features that are obscured by dust or hidden by bright emissions, or where light pollution from street lamps are a problem.
  • Covers the ultraviolet (UV <400 nm), visible ( VIS 400 – 700 nm), and short-wavelength near-infrared (NIR) spectral regions up to about 1100 nm.
  • This product number is for the Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25" only.


Astrodon Near IR-Luminance Filter - 1.25"

There are two types of luminance filters: NIR-blocked (L) and unblocked (C = Clear). The "L" type is designed to match the spectral range of RGB filters. Some astronomers prefer this for color images because of the spectral matching. Others want all the photons possible. The "C" type adds about 40% more signal from the NIR (using a Kodak KAF3200ME detector, for example) to produce a deeper luminance image. Most object colors and emission lines lie within the Visible part of the spectrum.


The NIR region remains largely unexplored by amateur imagers. NIR imaging could become another tool in the imager’s toolkit. Use the NIR luminance (no visible light) to explore galaxy structure, in comparison to VIS luminance data.


Some of the goals of Astrodon Near-Infrared Filters are to produce tri-color images entirely in the NIR. Color combine weights for NIR1, 2, 3 are ~ 1:1:1.2. Now you can examine objects highly obscured by dust in the plane of the Milky Way. The Astrodon NIR filters permit you to explore faint, extended red emission nebula. Reveal stars and other details in nebula that are obscured by bright VIS emissions from H-a, SII, OIII or other elements! You can mix NIR with RGB of globular clusters to enhance the appearance of cooler stars and minimize terrestrial light pollution for imagers living in suburban or city locations.


Astrodon Near-Infrared Tricolor Filters Feature:

  • 1.25" mounted diameter
  • 3+/-0.05 mm thickness
  • Parfocal with other Astrodon LRGB and Narrowband filters
  • NIR1,2,3 (700-800 nm, 800-900 nm, >850 nm)
  • NIR Luminance can be sold separately
  • Weighting factors ~1:1:1 for KAF3200ME and similar detectors

Astrodon Product Number: NIRL-27R

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Astrodon
Type of Filter IR Pass
Filter Usage Imaging
Single or Set? Single Filter
Filter Size 1.25"
Filter Shape Round
Filter Mounted? Mounted
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Astrodon Near IR Luminance Filter - 1.25"
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