TPO 50mm SuperView Eyepiece - 2"

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TPO 50mm SuperView Eyepiece - 2"
Item # OS-S50
  • The TPO 50mm Superview Eyepiecehas fully multicoated optics with blackened edges to minimize light reflection and maximize contrast and light transmission.
  • Delivers an Apparent Field of View of 60º and gives an outstanding 20mm of Eye Relief.
  • The TPO 50mm Superview Eyepiece is a 2" Barrel Size.


TPO 50mm Superview Eyepiece - 2"

The Erfle eyepiece design consist of five or six elements and was created solely for an ultra wide field of view – such as 60 to 70 degrees. At low powers it provides impressive deep sky views – huge swatches of sky with contrasty backgrounds and pinpoint stars. Galaxies and nebulae are framed by the fields in which they lay. However, we'll be honest... at high magnification the image sharpness can become distorted at the edges of some manufacturer designs in some telescopes without corrective measures. Once considered only the domain of observatory-class and research-grade telescopes, the 2" eyepiece is now frequently offered as standard equipment with deluxe model telescopes. Capable of delivering brighter, higher contrast images, better eye relief and a wider field of view, 2" eyepieces are the premium by which all others are judged.

Fully multi-coated five element optics with blackened edges to minimize light reflection while maximizing contrast and light transmission. All SuperView eyepieces have a full 20mm of eye relief, making them a good choice for everyone, even those who wear eyeglasses. With impressive quality and appearance, the SuperView wide-field eyepieces feature a flawless chrome and black anodized barrel with a rubber eyecup and grip. The barrels are threaded to accept 2" filters. The Third Planet Optics 50mm Superview Eyepiece is a great extended field eyepiece for longer focal length – good for large nebula and open clusters. For shorter focal length, they are fantastic for large objects such as the Orion nebula, views of the full lunar disc, large open clusters and more. This multi-purpose magnification range also makes for good "locator" eyepieces in all focal lengths. They are also well suited to shorter focal length telescopes for extended views and large, starry fields.

"I had the chance to use them last night and I must say I was skeptical due to their cost but I am certainly pleased with their performance thus far. I am amazed at how inexpensive these eyepieces are, you guys REALLY hit a homerun with this one!!" --M. Taylor, Palmdale, CA

TPO Product Number: OS-S50
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer TPO
Optical Design Wide Angle
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Eyepiece Field of View - Apparent 60º
Eyepiece Focal Length 50mm
Eyepiece Eye Relief 20mm
Eyepiece Manufacturer Series OPT Superview
Eyepiece Weight Not supplied by manufacturer
Field Stop Not supplied by manufacturer
Number of Lens Elements & Groups 5 elements
Special Feature None
Comes with Dust Caps? Yes
Comes with Eye Guard? Yes

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Good Eyepiece
Although I use this eyepiece only on occassion, it seems to be of good quality, with no distortion that I can see. The only problem I had with it is that the relief was so far back that I had to fashion an extra "extender" about 20mm. to get my eye back far enough that I could use it.

Without the adapter I made, it was a struggle to get to the "sweet spot" where the image looked good. With the adapter it is fine.

I used it at a public star party recently, looking at the Pleiades, and the stars all looked very good, and my guests had no difficulty using this eyepiece.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Ted / (Posted on 3/27/2013)
for the money 5 stars
Sometimes 38mm isn't enough, I really had douts after using the Explorer Scentific 100 degree series & Q70, 38mm! But this 50mm stayed in my 10" Dob at the Hodges Gardens Louisiana Star Party better than 90 % of the time. I never removed my glasses. I recieved very good commets from fellow astronomers! Many asked where they could buy one. A good addition to my set of eyepieces!
Thanks OPT!
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Trifid / (Posted on 3/22/2013)
OPT 50mm Eyepiece
Used regularly in my 6in. Newtonian, 6in. Astro refractor and 10in. Dobsonian all with the same graet results. Excellent value for under $100 and has quickly become my lens of choice for viewing large patches of the night sky. One more time...Thanks OPT you've done it again.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by D. Pomeroy / (Posted on 10/27/2009)
OPT 50 mm 2 inch eyepiece
To say that I had my doubts about the claims made for this eyepiece does not put too fine a point on it. A 50 mm eyepiece with a 60 degree field of view for less than a hundred bucks? Well, it really exists, and especially considering the price, I think you'd have to look far and wide to beat it. Coatings appear to be smoothly applied with no sleeks, and this eyepiece looks to be well made. I plugged this into my little achromat, and got pinpoint stars from edge to edge of the field of view. With this eyepiece my 100 mm f6 achromat is a 12 power scope with a 5 degree field of view so it becomes its own finderscope, which makes finding objects very easy, or it can double as a finder for a much larger scope, like the 17-1/2 inch Newtonian I have my eyes on....
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Theodore / (Posted on 6/21/2009)
Included Items

Included Items

  • TPO - 50mm SuperView 2" Eyepiece
  • Dust Cap
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What is the weight of this eyepiece? I don't see it in the specs.
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