Baader 4.5mm Morpheus 76º Eyepiece

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Baader 4.5mm Morpheus 76º Eyepiece
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  • Get that "Spacewalk" feeling usually offered only by eyepieces with a significantly larger field of view with the Baader 4.5mm Morpheus Eyepiece.
  • Brand new Slip-Protect Safety Kerfs represent the perfect safety compromise between smooth barrels and wide undercuts.
  • Practically designed to keep weight to a minimum, the Baader 4.5mm Morpheus Eyepiece has been optimized for binoviewing.
  • Comes with two soft rubber foldable eyeguards for supreme comfort and eye spacing.
  • The Baader 4.5mm Morpheus Eyepiece has a generous 17.5mm eye relief and a true 76º field of view in a hybrid 2"/ 1.25" barrel.


Baader Planetarium 4.5mm Morpheus 76º Eyepiece

With a true 76 degree field of view, Baader's new Morpheus eyepieces completely absorb you in the night sky without the need to roll your eyes. The 4.5mm model's big 17.5mm eye relief is ideal for viewing with eyeglasses. This comfortable viewing experience correlates strongly with a "Spacewalk" feeling that is usually offered only by eyepieces that have a significantly larger and unattainable apparent field of view. At the same time, the image does not appear distorted or as if observing through a fishbowl at all. Brilliance and center contrast are comparable with those of elite planetary eyepieces. Even with super fast telescope optics, you'll experience razor sharp stars near the outer edge of the field.

Baader has put an equal amount of work into the Morpheus's craftsmanship as they have into the optical design. Phantom Coating® Group, rare-earth glasses, sealed watertight housings and blackened lens edges are to be expected. Practical design was the primary ambition. This included keeping metal to a minimum to reduce the product's weight, binoviewing optimization, photo-video thread, and the brand new 1.25" and 2" "safety-kerfs" to protect against slipping with no undercut. At night, you'll appreciate the quick draw eyepiece holster as well as the photo-luminescent engraving.

Baader Morpheus Eyepiece Highlights...

Optical Features:

  • Full Field Sharpness: The Morpheus's sharp flat 76º field is unmatched by any other currently made wide field ocular. Its on-axis sharpness and contrast resembles Baader's finest planetary eyepieces, while providing almost identical performance over the full field. Stars continue to appear as diamond pinpoints, even as you move out from the center, and the field stays flat and in focus, despite the use of a short focus telescope.
  • Long Eye Relief: With 17.5mm of eye relief to go along with top-of-the-line optical performance, the Morpheus takes comforable wide field viewing further than it's ever gone previously. Viewers donning eyeglasses will be able to comfortably take in the entire field. Additionally, Binoviewer users will discover that Morpheus eyepieces are perfect for viewing with both eyes.
  • Low Distortion: The Morpheus features an optical design that produces exceptionally low distortion. Planets and lunar characteristics maintain their shapes as they travel the field with true field sizes being close to theoretical. Several manufacturers will embellish at this point and purposefully use off-axis distortion magnification as a way to exhibit blown apparent field sizes. Compare the Morpheus's given 76º field of view with one of these competing eyepieces and you'll find it to be the true value.
  • Immersive Views: As enthusiastic observers, Baader has examined the performance of the most frequently available wide field eyepieces. They also listened to comments from other observers regarding which eyepieces offer the most tactile and engrossing wide field viewing experience. What they discovered was that the subjective "spacewalk" sensation is not only a result of field of view size. Some wide field eyepieces with FOV's of 82 degrees were unsuccessful at delivering identical viewing experiences as other eyepieces with similar fields, or even some with lesser fields. Two additional factors were found to play an important role. These are eye relief (and associated large eye lens size) and ease of viewing (a mixture of long eye relief and pupil aberration control). Furthermore, Baader found that eyepieces with FOV's greatly below 74º tend to have a lessened effect. Taking this new information, Baader set out to produce a new eyepiece with a field of view larger than 74º that adhered to all of the other optical criteria fundamental to delivering a legitimately immersive observing experience where it feels as if the eyepiece has virtually disappeared. The outcome is the Morpheus®.
  • Phantom Coating® Group: Introduced with the Baader Hyperion set, the Phantom Group Multi-Coatings have been further enhanced for use in the Morpheus line and index-matched to each of the distinct glasses.
  • Optimized Internal Baffling: Like all Baader Planetarium eyepieces, the Morpheus's internal mechanics have been completely ray-traced and baffled to remove the consequences of stray light.

Mechanical Features

  • Optimized for Binoviewing: All available space has been utilized out of the main body in order to keep its size to a minimum, providing maximum nose clearance when binoviewing.
  • Weight reduction: Baader has done everything they can to dispose of gratuitous weight, especially with regards to efficient binoviewing. The weight of all Morpheus eyepieces comprises of, essentially, the internal lenses plus the finest protection and water resistance Baader is able to provide.
  • Foldable Eyecups: This Morpheus eyepiece comes with two soft rubber dual-position foldable eyeguards. These inventive new eyeguards have been designed to supply supreme comfort and eye spacing for the majority of users and those who wear eyeglasses. A special winged eyeguard is also included for maximum comfort and elimination of stray light crucial for binoviewing with glasses.
  • Safety Features: The barrels of each Morpheus eyepiece, both the 1.25" and 2" models, incorporate Baader's new Slip-Protect Safety Kerfs representing the perfect safety compromise between smooth barrels and wide undercuts. Abundant shallow kerfs provide additional grip and protection from accidental drops inherit with smooth sided barrels, without the frustrating problems sometimes generated by traditional wide undercuts. A wide waffle-patterned rubber grip ring offers an additional degree of handling security.
  • Photo-Video Adaptation: As with their Hyperion brethren, all Morpheus eyepiece models make excellent imaging projection optics. All eyepieces in the Morpheus line contain a secret M43 photo-video eye lens thread that allows for the use of Baader's wide range of Hyperion Digital T-Rings. These rings allow direct thread connection of virtually any imaging instrument for maximum toughness and close-coupling for only the slightest vignetting.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: MORPH-4

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader
Optical Design Wide Angle
Barrel Size 1.25"/2"
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Eyepiece Field of View - Apparent 76º
Eyepiece Focal Length 4.5mm
Eyepiece Eye Relief 17.5mm
Eyepiece Manufacturer Series Baader Morpheus
Eyepiece Weight 13 oz.
Field Stop 6.1mm
Number of Lens Elements & Groups 8 elements, 5 groups
Special Feature None
Comes with Dust Caps? Yes
Comes with Eye Guard? Yes
Included Items

Included Items

  • Baader Planetarium 4.5mm Morpheus 76º Eyepiece
  • (3) Dust Caps
  • M43 Winged Rubber Eyecup
  • Cordura Eyepiece Holster
  • Storage Box
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