Baader 5mm Hyperion Modular Eyepiece - 1.25"/2"

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Baader 5mm Hyperion Modular Eyepiece - 1.25"/2"
Item # BA-HYP-5
  • The Baader Planetarium Hyperion Telescope 5mm Eyepiece delivers a true 68 field of view with 20mm of eye relief.
  • Compatible with both 1.25" and 2" focusers and great for binoviewers.
  • The Baader Hyperion Telescope 5mm Eyepiece is famous for sharp, high-contrast images with a flat field, even in fast telescopes.
  • High index glass and specially designed coatings yield darker sky and more stars than competitors.
  • The Baader Hyperion Telescope 5mm Eyepiece is designed with internal baffling to eliminate ghost reflections and stray light.
  • Accepts Televue Dioptrx astigmatism correction lenses.


Baader 5mm Hyperion Telescope Eyepiece

The New Baader Planetarium Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepieces offer world-class performance and unique photo-visual features at an unheard of price. No longer do amateurs need to spend more on their eyepieces than their primary instrument in order to get true high-end performance in a wide-field eyepiece. Not just a different branded version of their highly regarded cousins, the Hyperions have been totally redesigned to deliver better transmission, contrast, and useful new features. Baader Planetarium has worked hard to give the Hyperions the world's finest optical coatings, superb mechanics, and their unique multi-functional design.

As a visual eyepiece, we have found the Hyperions deliver superb sharpness and color fidelity across their 68° wide, flat-field, even in fast telescopes. In our own comparisons to our personal favorites, the Pentax XL, the Hyperions matched the Pentax in every regard, and at just over 1/3 the price! From their superb on-axis and off-axis sharpness, to their pitch-black high contrast field, the Hyperions really work. Viewing through a Hyperion is notably comfortable and relaxing, due to their forgiving eye-position, 20mm of eye-relief, and an optical design that is free of the annoying kidney-bean effect.

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece Highlights...

  • Consisting of 8 elements in 5 groups, the Hyperion optical design delivers outstanding sharpness and color correction over a true 68° wide field, along with a comfortable 20mm of eye-relief.
  • High grade water-white glasses are used throughout, to deliver a crystal clear view with low scatter and excellent color fidelity, free of the yellow or bluish coloration imparted by many other eyepieces. Use of high-index glasses delivers low distortion and astigmatism, even on scopes as fast as f/4.
  • Baader Planetarium has gone to great lengths to give the Hyperions the most advanced multicoatings ever used on amateur telescope eyepieces (please note: these are not the same coatings other manufacturers use on their similar clones of these eyepieces..). The Hyperion multi-coatings and coating equipment are proprietary to Baader and have been designed by German coating engineers specifically for the Baader Hyperions, and optimized for each of the glasses used. These coatings are applied with the latest thin-film German coating equipment, training, and process controls. The result are coatings that truly rival the best in the world - including the famous Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic! The difference is clearly visible - users report that the Hyperions clearly show fainter stars and darker sky than the competitive clones.
  • The proprietary Hyperion housings have been engineered by Baader to incorporate careful opto-mechanical design and execution of internal baffling to eliminate stray light and ghost reflections. Uncapping the eyelens reveals a pitch black interior, with no distracting and contrast-robbing glints of light from unbaffled lens or metal surfaces. We call these our 'black hole' eyepieces.
  • Superb fit and finish. Eyepiece barrels are accurate to size, nicely machined, and hard-anodized.
  • Works in both 1.25" and 2" focusers. The 1.25" barrel is threaded for filters and kept short (0.94") to work well in binoviewers and spotting scopes. Baader's new housing incorporates a full-length 2" barrel (0.94" long) and provides a specially designed tapered locking recess. In addition, the Hyperion field stop locations have been re-designed and optimized to give the shortest focus position possible (important for binoviewer use).
  • Soft folding rubber eyecups work for both normal and eyeglass users. Each Hyperion comes with protective lens caps and leatherette storage pouch.
  • Accepts popular Astigmatism Correcting Lenses. The Hyperion eyelens housing is compatible with the full range of correcting lenses from ¼ to 3½ Diopters. Observers with any astigmatism will really appreciate this feature, no longer needing to wear eyeglasses to see stars as true pinpoints. The long 20mm eye relief of the Hyperions works particularly well with these corrector lenses, without forcing the observer to press their eye close to the lens in order to see the entire wide field.
  • Great for Binoviewing! We've tried most of the wide field eyepieces on the market that are suitable for binoviewing, and the Hyperions are at the top with the very best. When compared to some wide field eyepieces developed especially for binoviewing, we found the Hyperions were superior in every aspect: more comfortable view with better eye relief, smaller housing diameter at the eyelens gives more nose-room, better coatings (=better contrast), wider field, and half the cost. Our favorite wide field bino eyepieces are the 8/13/17/21mm Hyperions, plus a 24mm Panoptic (another great bino eyepiece). For ultra-wide fields, the Nagler Type 6 are a fine choice (strange for one vendor to recommend another, but we really like the TeleVues).
  • The Baader Hyperions incorporate some unique and innovative aspects, which are designed to make them the ideal projection eyepiece.
  • The optical design of the Hyperions enables them to work as an extremely sharp wide-field projection eyepiece for even large chip CCD and DSLRs.
  • The eyelens barrel has been provided with two different external threads, M43 and M54 (these are covered by the removable rubber eyecups). A complete system of adapter rings enables cameras to be directly (and rigidly) close-coupled for afocal projection, or variably extended for classical eyepiece projection imaging with our T-Adapter and Extension Tubes. A series of 16 threaded rings provides compatibility with just about every digital (CCD/DSLR) and videocamera made, even large and heavy 3-chip videocameras.
  • The front negative lens element is designed to be removed (and exposes an M48 2" filter thread). This converts each Hyperion into a longer focal length high-quality projection eyepiece, giving the imager two choices of focal length with each eyepiece.

Baader Planetarium Product Number: HYP-5

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader
Optical Design Hyperion Modular
Barrel Size 1.25"/2"
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Eyepiece Field of View - Apparent 68º
Eyepiece Focal Length 5mm
Eyepiece Eye Relief 20mm
Eyepiece Manufacturer Series Baader Hyperion
Eyepiece Weight 14.7 oz.
Field Stop Not supplied by manufacturer
Number of Lens Elements & Groups 8 elements, 5 groups
Special Feature None
Comes with Dust Caps? Yes
Comes with Eye Guard? Yes

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Fantastic views
I originally bought this eyepiece for my 130SLT. I love the views through it. Jupiter and Saturn look awesome. I recently bought a Celestron 12" Skywatcher Dobsonian and took the eyepiece out to look at M13 (Globular Cluster). It was breathtaking. It filled about 75% of my field of view. I bought it during OPT's hyperion sale earlier in the year. It was a great buy. I also own the 13mm, the 17mm and the 24mm. I use the 17mm & 13mm the most but this is a great eyepiece for high magnification. Plus, without the front lens group, it is a 21mm. I pop that off to scan for objects and then stick it back on to really zoom in.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by RobertJ / (Posted on 6/20/2015)
Skip the 21mm its the underachiever. In a 10 f5 Newtonian I have the 36mm aspheric for 33x and a 7.5mm ep, the 24mm for 50x and a 5mm ep, 13mm for 95x and a 2.6mm ep and the 5mm for 240x and a 1.4mm ep.
A nice combo of focal lengths for this scope, sure the edges suffer from slight coma in a short tube but over F6 its tack sharp especially in the longer focal lengths. Baaders coma corrector takes care of sub F6 tubes it if you're that fussy. Personally the wide and contrasty view through these ep's more than makes up for it and its really not that noticeable anyway. The overall quality is really quite high for the price and I would certainly recommend them as a very good upper-mid level eyepiece.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Frank / (Posted on 5/23/2010)
I've seen! Epsilon Lyrae -- The Double Double, with my SV80ED!!! in steady and dark sky an far from light pollution.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Salvador Mtz B / (Posted on 4/29/2009)
Amazing Eyepiece!
This eyepiece is well beyond what anyone would ever expect in the 100-200 dollar price range.

Two years ago if i told you an eyepiece like this costs 119 you would think i'm insane.

Buy this eyepiece, forget all the hype...just consider that this eyepiece is SOLD OUT at all of the best online vendors.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Astroturfman / (Posted on 8/4/2008)
Excellent high power with medium/short scopes
I currently own the 5, 8, 13 and 21 mm models (and saving for the 36 mm. I use them in my 3 small (typical urban observer telescopes: Meade ETX 90 mm f/14, and Bushnell 127 mm f/12 Maksutovs, and 80 mm f/5 short-tube doublet refractor (Vixen A80-SSWT. The Hyperions look and feel big on these small scopes, but that's just about it, you can very easily get to using them without problems of handling or balancing. Optically, they do great, very honestly delivering the wide field and ample eye relief stated in the specs, and all with very good illumination and contrast. The only optical drawback is some evident, but reasonably expected and tolerable, edge distorsion when using the 13 and 21 mm in the f/5 short-tube. This is manifested by coma and spherical distortion in the outer surroundings of the viewfield, noticeable starting from around 2/3 out of the center while in the larger central region, the image is still quite excellent. I have done Moon, planets, star fields, and brighter fuzzies with the Hyperions all of it very satisfying observing. I can only imagine how they deliver in larger scopes or darker skies, but my humble experience with my urban lot of small scopes tells me these eyepieces should do very fine indeed. If buying a small basic set of Hyperions, I may suggest geting the 13, 8, and 21 or 24 mm (in that order as perhaps the most generally useful with any scope. As for myself, I tend to use 21 and 8 mm with the Maks, 13 and 5 mm in the f/5. The 5 mm gets too dim and washed out (over-magnified in the Maks while the 21 mm gives too much urban sky glow, besides edge distortion, in the short-tube.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Felipe Orduña / (Posted on 6/29/2008)
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Included Items

  • Baader Hyperion 5mm Modular Eyepiece
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Hi, I have a reflector Celestron Omni XLT 150 and need to purchase an eyepiece, I think the Baader 5mm Hyperion Modular Eyepiece is a good idea, but not sure that is good in my telescope, I need to know if it is compatible with my telescope. Thank you
Will it work well in a Nexstar 8 Evolution
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