Revolution Video Imager - Version R2

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Revolution Video Imager - Version R2
Item # OCT-REV-R2
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  • The Revolution Imager R2 is a high definition video imager complete with 7" viewing screen.
  • Totally self-contained perfect for sharing in the field. A great choice for outreach, teaching and sharing with groups or children. (They never have to touch the scope!).
  • Leave the laptop and power supplies at home. The built in Lithium Ion battery powers both the screen and camera for hours on a single charge.


Revolution Imager R2

Unleash yourself!  The Revolution Imager is a self contained video astronomy camera, and in it's R2 Version model, it's better than ever!  A portable battery powered 7" screen allows you to share your view and leave the laptop at home. 

Based on the Sony ICX811 full color sensor, the Revolution is a modified PAL video camera.  By removing the typical IR blocking filter, the infrared wavelength is permitted to pass through to the sensor picking up on all the beautiful detail in night sky objects, especially nebulae.    With a quick and easy change in exposure you can go from moon and planets to nebulosity making imaging and sharing a wonderfully liberating experience.  Capable of capturing stills, the Revolution Imager is the perfect choice for outreach and educational situations.  

With an exceptionally sensitive sensor and the naturally larger pixel dimensions of a PAL camera, the Revolution Imager is the ultimate video eyepiece.  Compact design and independant of computer power or screens, this amazing camera weighs just 6oz. too so it won't weigh down even the lightest of set ups.  

Leave your laptop at home - for real! 

With an included 7" LCD display screen and plug and play compatibility to the camera, you can leave your laptop safely at home. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers both the screen and the camera, and has an approximately life of 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.  This means less drain on your auxilary power supply or the ability to leave it at home all together depending on your mount.  

What about capturing stills?  While the Revolution Imager's primary goal is to be an ultimate self-contained video camera it's perfectly capable of capturing stills.   Pair it with the extremely affordable optional USB Video Capture Adapter and you'll be able to stack images to your heart's desire.  

And with the release of the new R2 Version Model, not only have the base specifications been all around upgraded, but several new ones have been added! For imaging purposes, it's now capable of boasting the capability for 5.12 second exposures, and the further ability to stack up to six images together.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Revolution Imager
Series Revolution Imager
Color or B&W? Color
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Sony
Video System PAL (Color, Europe)
Sensor Model ICX811
Pixel Size in Micrometers 5 x 6.25 microns
Pixel Array 1020x596
Chip Diagonal Less than 6mm
Maximum Exposure Time 5.12 seconds
Shutter Type No Shutter
Interface USB 2.0
Operating System Compatibility Windows
Filter Wheel No
Camera Weight 6 oz.
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Why does it say " less drain on the auxilary port "? Isnt this camera just plug into the eyepiece holder and then focus it , till its clear on the monitor? Why does it require auxilary port . Can i just do planetary imaging without a tracking mount . Does the planetary imaging require a tracking mount? Hopefully , you can explain abit more in details to me

This camera doesn't actually save the images for you to view later or does it?
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