ZWO ASI 071 Color Camera- Cooled

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ZWO ASI 071 Color Camera- Cooled
Item # ZWO-ASI071MC-C
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  • The ZWO ASI 071 Color Camera- Cooled is a true bargain; offering CCD quality at a CMOS price! This Color Astronomy Camera is ideal for all your deep sky observing needs, and is a perfect tool for dark sky astronomy!
  • The ZWO ASI 071 Color Camera- Cooled boasts not only exceptional resolution and speed, but also extremely low read noise and gain rate that further improves the quality of the full-color images captured by this splendid camera.
  • The ZWO ASI 071 Color Camera- Cooled is the first ZWO camera to use an APS-C sensor, an important benchmark and great show of quality! Utilizing the renowned IMX-071 sensor this camera is capable of extremely high quality imaging!


The new ASI 071 Camera from ZWO will be yet another excellent offering to the field of Astronomy Photography, of that we are sure. Offering a whopping 28.4mm sized sensor diagonal and a 16 mega pixel resolution, this Camera will be capable of producing some truly fantastic images of most any target you can get it aimed at! This camera is designed to be especially well suited to DSO imaging, capable of reaching and capturing the data and beauty available in the darkest depths of the deep night sky, the farthest reaches of observable space that your telescope can reach! Furthermore, as a full color camera it is simple and easy to capture your images- no hassle with cycling through five different filters and filter wheels, just adapt it to your telescope, point and shoot!

Another cool feature of this camera is its incredibly low read noise and gain, averaging 2.3e @24db gain! This incredibly low read noise is made even better by the high power thermo-electric cooling utilized inside this camera to moderate temperature and keep noise low. This is also ZWO's first camera to use an APS-C format sensor, an important and interesting landmark. The sensor in question is a well honed and high quality offering, the IMX 071 from Sony. This sensor is a great size and produces amazing resolution images to boot, and all in all can be said to be of exceptional capacity and quality.

ZWO ASI 071 Features and Spefications of Note

  • A Famous Sensor: The Sony IMX071 APS-C(1.8″)
  • Regulated Two-stage Tec-Cooling: 35-40 degree below ambient temperature
  • Very low read noise: 2.3e @24db gain / 3.3e @lowest gain
  • 14Bit ADC: provides real 14bit Dynamic range
  • Electronic shutter: no vibration problem such as existswith machanical shutter
  • USB3.0 Port(back compatible with USB2.0): 10fps@4944X3284 134fps@320X240
  • The AR coated protect window means that all light can pass
  • Controllable Anti-Dew protect window heater: You can turn it off to save power!
  • Diagonal: 28.4mm
  • Resolution: 16Mega Pixels 4944X3284
  • Pixel Size: 4.78µm
  • Exposure Range: 64µs-2000s
  • ROI: Supported
  • QE Peak not yet determined!
  • Full well: 46ke

Manufacturer Product Number: ASI071MC-C
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer ZWO
Color or B&W? Color
Sensor Type CMOS
Series ZWO ASI
Pixel Size < 5 Microns
Chip Diagonal 22mm & Up
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Sony
# of Sensors Single Sensor
Sensor Model IMX071
Full Well Capacity 46ke
Pixel Size in Micrometers 4.78µm
Pixel Array 4944X3284
Sensor Diagonal 28.4mm
Minimum Exposure Time 64µs
Maximum Exposure Time 2000s
Sensor Coating AR Coated Protect Window
Focus Distance To Sensor 17.5mm
Shutter Type Rolling Electronic
Interface USB 3.0
Operating System Compatibility Linux (3rd Party), Mac, Windows
Camera Cooling Type Fan - Built In, Thermo-electric Cooling (TEC)
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

What all is included?

AIC's website states these the following are included, does what you're selling include the same?

1–ZWO ASI071MC-COOL Camera Body
2–M42-M42 21mm extender
3–M42-M48 16.5mm extender
4–M42-1.25″ nose piece
5-M42-M48 adapter
6–2″ Cover
7–2 m long USB 3.0 cable
8–USB 2.0 short cable x2
9–Backup desiccant tablets packet
10–Desiccant tube
11–Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC & Linux Compatible)
Does the hot mirror on this camera allow HA to pass?
what software is used for camera control?
Even though this is a camera color camera, can you do narrowband imaging with it?
Is the camera and its software compatible with Windows 10?
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