QSI 660s Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter & Midsize Body

QSI 660s Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter & Midsize Body
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  • The 660s is a 6.1MP camera, built on the Sony ICX694 monochrome sensor.
  • Small 4.54 micron square pixels provide very high resolution.
  • Dual read rates up to 8mHz with a high speed connection via USB 2.0.
  • 2 Stage TEC cooling to -40ºC below ambient.
  • This model features both the electronic and mechanical shutter. A mechanical shutter will allow you to take dark frames, unattended.
  • Housed in the medium body style. The QSI 660s is lightweight and compact!


The QSI 660 offers excellent sensitivity with a peak QE of over 75%. This sensitivity is paired with wide dynamic range, dual read rates, and low noise.  The 660 series is well suited for a wide range of applications including planetary and deep sky imaging.   The 660s incorporates a mechanical shutter, allowing you to take dark frames - unattended.

The QSI 600 Series builds on the foundation of the popular QSI 500 Series. Dual read rates of up to 8 MHz with high-speed USB 2.0 and full 16-bit output allow 600 Series cameras to produce high quality images with high frame rates, extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise. Cooling on the 600 Series is achieved with a custom 2-stage TEC supporting regulated cooling to greater than 45C, or greater than 50C with the optional Liquid Heat Exchanger.

The superb imaging performance of 600 Series cameras is encased in a sleek, compact design with outstanding power efficiency and investment protecting upgradeability. With precision fit and engineering, and with a luxurious finish - the attention to detail will surpass your highest expectations.

About the Sony ICX694 Sensor

Larger than the 628 series of cameras (with a pixel array of 2758x2208) but with the same pixel size of 4.54 microns, the Sony ICX694 housed inside the 660 series provides exceptionally high resolution.  Coupling high sensitivity across the visual band, low noise and peak QE (quantum efficiency) of 77% at 560nm creates a camera capable of capturing star clusters and deep sky objects in ultra smooth high definition.   This sensor has anti-blooming protection and a fast electronic shutter capable of exposures as short as .0001 seconds. Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light into each 4.54µm pixel to maximize optical response.


Image Size: diagonal 15.99mm (type 1)

Transfer Method: Progressive scan interline transfer.

Total # of Pixels: 2838 x 2224, approximately 6.31M pixels

# of Effective Pixels: 2758x2208, approximately 6.09M pixels

# of Active Pixels: 2750x2200, approximately 6.05M pixels

Unit Cell Size: 4.54 microns square

Optical Blacks: 40 pixels horizontal, 8 pixels vertical per channel

Number of Dummy Bits:  1 per channel horizontal, none vertical

Horizontal Drive Frequency:  54MHz

Package: 68 pin Ceramic PGA

QSI 600 Series Body Design

Small and sleek, the QSI 600 series is nearly small enough to hide behind a CD-ROM.  Refined design with precision machined and fit parts, the cameras are also striking in a metallic black and blue finish.  With the goal of maintaining as shallow of a depth as well as overall size, the shutter and filter wheel (where included) have been placed very near to the image sensor.  This results in minimized backfocus and as compact of a body as function will allow.  This reduced design also results in great stability thanks to a shortened moment-arm.  The motion control electronics are actually buried in the 0.12" thick shutter/filter mounting plate to reduce depth further. Pulling the cooling fans and heatsinks into the body resulted in another significant reduction in depth. Finally, having all electrical cables and the optional liquid heat exchanger recirculation hoses exit the body in the same direction and perpendicular to the optical axis insured an interference-free fit in tight spaces.   Each body is machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum, finely finished with a corrosion resistant anodized finish and stainless steel hardware.

The 660s features the medium body profile which is both lightweight and compact while still allowing enough room for perfect function.  At 2 pound 2 ounces and only 2" deep, all of the QSI 600 cameras (with the exception of 8 position filter wheel models) are a mere 4.45" square. Their compact design also ensures that a QSI 600 camera will not weigh your setup down, meaning less counterbalance is required and focusers perform better with less stress.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer QSI
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Sensor Type Interline Transfer
Series QSI 600
Pixel Size < 5 Microns
Chip Diagonal 14.1mm - 16mm
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Sony
# of Sensors Single Sensor
Front or Back Illumination Front Illuminated
Sensor Model ICX694
CCD Class Standard
Anti-Blooming Sensor? yes
Micro-lensing Sensor? yes
Quantum Efficiency Peak: 77% at 560nm
Pixel Size in Micrometers 4.54 microns square
Pixel Array 2758 x 2208 active (6.1 megapixels)
Sensor Diagonal 15.99mm
Minimum Exposure Time .0001 seconds
Maximum Exposure Time 4 hours
Integrated Guider? No
Binning Modes 1x1, 1 x CCD Height (User Set), 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 4 x CCD Height (User Set), 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 8 x CCD Height (User Set), 9x9
Focus Distance To Sensor 0.90" w/ T-mount adapter, 0.68" w/ C-mount adapter, 0.68" w/ no adapter
Shutter Type Digital & Mechanical
Dark Current <0.002 electrons per second at -10°C
Filter Wheel No
Interface USB 2.0
Operating System Compatibility Windows
Included Software Drivers for MaximDL/CCD and CCDSoft
Camera Cooling Type Thermo-electric Cooling (TEC)
Camera Body Dimensions 4.45” x 4.45” x 2”
Camera Weight 2 lb. 2 oz.
Included Items

Included Items

  • QSI 660s Camera w/ Electronic and Mechanical Shutter
  • T-Mount Camera Adapter
  • T-Mount Adapter Cover
  • T-Mount to 2" Nosepiece
  • 12VDC/ 90-240VAC Power Supply
  • 10 ft. USB 2.0 Interface Cable
  • 10 ft. Standard Guider Cable
  • QSI Installation CDROM
  • Drivers for MaximDL/CDC and CCDSoft
  • ActiveX Developer's Kit
  • Custom Fit Pelican Storage Case
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