QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter

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QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera - Mechanical Shutter
Item # QS-632s
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  • The QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera features a Kodak KAF 3200 sensor, mechanical shutter and mid-sized body.
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output and dual read rates of 800kHz and 8MHz.
  • The QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera provides air cooling to 45C below ambient.
  • Full-frame 3.2 megapixel CCD has the highest Quantum Efficiency (QE) and lowest noise of any Kodak CCD sensor.


QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera

The QSI 600 Series builds on the foundation of the popular QSI 500 Series. Dual read rates of up to 8 MHz with high-speed USB 2.0 and full 16-bit output allow 600 Series cameras to produce high quality images with high frame rates, extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise. Cooling on the 600 Series is achieved with a custom 2-stage TEC supporting regulated cooling to greater than 45C, or greater than 50C with the optional Liquid Heat Exchanger.

QSI 600 Series CCD Camera

The QSI 600 Series has seven different models employing a comprehensive range of monochrome and single-shot color scientific grade CCDs up to 8.3mp. A variety of options and accessories are available to meet your specific medical, astronomical or industrial imaging objectives.

The superb imaging performance of 600 Series cameras is wrapped in an attractive, compact design with outstanding power efficiency and investment protecting upgradeability. The refined engineering and impressive fit, finish and attention to detail will surpass your highest expectations.

About The Kodak Full Frame KAF-3200 Sensor...

The Kodak KAF-3200 is a high performance monochrome area CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensor with 2184H x 1472V photoactive pixels designed for a wide range of image sensing applications in the 0.3 nm to 1.0 nm wavelength band.

Kodak Full Frame KAF-3200E Sensor

Typical applications include military, scientific, and industrial imaging. A 75dB dynamic range is possible operating at room temperature.

Kodak Full Frame KAF-1603 Sensor Features

  • 3.2 Million Pixel Area CCD - 2184 H x 1472V Pixels
  • Transparent Gate True Two Phase Technology
  • Microlens option - Enhanced Spectral Response
  • 6.8 x 6.8μm Pixels - 14.85mm H x 10.26mm V Photosensitive Area
  • 100% Fill Factor - High Output Sensitivity (20μV/e-)78 dB
  • Dynamic Range - Low Dark Current (<7pa>
  • Pixel Count: 2184 (H) x 1510 (V) - Pixel Size: 6.8 μm (H) x 6.8 μm (V)
  • Imager Size: 14.85 mm (H) x 10.26 mm (V) - Optical Fill-Factor: 100%
  • Saturation Signal: 55,000 electrons - Output Sensitivity: 12 μV/electron
  • Readout Noise (1 MHz): 7 electrons rms - Dynamic Range: (Sat Sig/Dark Noise): 78 dB
  • Dark Current (25° C, Accumulation Mode): <7 pa>
  • Quantum Efficiency with microlenses: 0.55, 0.70, 0.80
  • Maximum Data Rate: 15 MHz - Transfer Efficiency (10 MHz, to –40° C): 15 MHz
  • Package: CERDIP Package (sidebrazed) - Cover Glass: Clear or AR coated, 2 sides
QSI Product Number: 632s
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU QS-632s
Manufacturer QSI
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Series QSI 600
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Full Well Capacity SEE CODE 42 *** SEE CODE 42
Pixel Size in Micrometers SEE CODE 40 *** SEE CODE 40
Pixel Array SEE CODE 41 *** SEE CODE 41
Minimum Exposure Time SEE CODE 44 *** SEE CODE 44
Maximum Exposure Time SEE CODE 44 *** SEE CODE 44
Integrated Guider? No
Dark Current SEE CODE 43 *** SEE CODE 43
Filter Wheel No
Camera Body Dimensions SEE CODE 22 *** SEE CODE 22
Camera Weight SEE CODE 23 *** SEE CODE 23
Included Items

Included Items

  • QSI 632s Monochrome CCD Camera - Kodak KAF 3200
  • Mechanical Shutter
  • T-Mount Camera Adapter
  • T-Mount Adapter Cover
  • T-Mount to 2" Nosepiece
  • 12VDC/90-240VAC Power Supply
  • 10' USB 2.0 Interface Cable
  • 10' Standard Guider Cable
  • QSI Standard Installation CD ROM
  • Active X Developer's Toolkit
  • Custom Fit Pelican Storage Case
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