QHY 11 Monochrome CCD Camera with 11 MP Kodak KAI-11002 Sensor - QHY11

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QHY 11 Monochrome CCD Camera with 11 MP Kodak KAI-11002 Sensor - QHY11
Item # QH-QHY11
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  • The QXY11 is a small camera with a big sensor! It uses a full 35mm size KAI-11002 monochrome chip by TrueSense...a sensor that is used frequently on cameras costing significantly more than the QHY11!
  • The KAI-11002 uses 9 micron square pixels and has an active pixel array of 4032 x 2688.
  • The QXY 11 is a good match for a HyperStar.
  • Two-stage TEC cooling delivers temperatures of up to -45ÂșC above ambient, for low noise even on warm nights.


QHY KAI-11002 Cooled Monochrome CCD Camera

The QHY11 is a very small camera with a nice big sensor! This 11 megapixel camera sports a full frame 36mm x 24mm chip and its a popular one...the TrueSense (aka Kodak) KAI-11002. The pixel size of 9um offers you very sharp stars and a wide field of view in many of today's most popular telescopes.

Just like all of the other QHY cooled cameras, the 11 uses two-stage TEC cooling. The QHY11 has typical -45C delta T from ambient, which exceeds most other cameras based on the KAI-11002 or KAI-11000 sensor. You can get lower thermal noise and less hot pixels with this diminutive QHY camera.

QHY11 Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: TrueSense KAI-11002
  • Total Pixel Array: 4072 x 2720
  • Active Pixel Array: 4032 x 2688
  • Pixel Size: 9um x 9um
  • Imager Size: 36mm x 24mm
  • Readout Noise: 12 - 14 e-
  • Full Well Capacity: 55 - 60 ke-
  • Peak QE: 50%
  • Preview Speed: 3Mpixels/s
  • Microlensing: Yes
  • ABG: -1000x
  • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Cooling: Two Stage TEC, Low power consumption
  • Fan: Built-in, Active
  • Max Delta: T=45 degree C below ambient
  • Guide Port: Built-in RJ11 6-pin ST4 type guide port
  • Fully Sealed: Yes
  • Center and Tilt Adjustable construction
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Power Supply: DC202 DC Adapter and regulated TEC controller supported


Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer QHY
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Sensor Type Interline Transfer
Series QHY Mono Cooled Cameras
Pixel Size 7-9 Microns
Chip Diagonal 22mm & Up
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Truesense, formerly Kodak
# of Sensors Single Sensor
Front or Back Illumination Front Illuminated
Sensor Model KAI-11002M
CCD Class Standard
Anti-Blooming Sensor? yes
Micro-lensing Sensor? yes
Quantum Efficiency 50%
Blue Enhanced Sensor? no
Full Well Capacity 55-60 ke-
Pixel Size in Micrometers 9um x 9um
Pixel Array 4032 x 2688
Integrated Guider? No
Shutter Type Digital
Filter Wheel No
Interface USB 2.0
Camera Cooling Type Fan - Built In, Thermo-electric Cooling (TEC)
Included Items

Included Items

  • QHY 11MP Monochrome CCD Camera with KAI-11002 Sensor
  • Power cable
  • DC202 power adapter
  • 12vdc cigarette lighter power cord
  • USB cable
  • Desiccant tube
  • cable clamp
  • Tilt and rotate adapter
  • Weatherproof Case
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What is the minimum exposure time for this sensor? Can it be externally triggered?
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