ATIK Titan Monochrome CCD Camera

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ATIK Titan Monochrome CCD Camera
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  • No longer do you have to choose between planetary and deep sky imaging... with the new Atik Titan CCD Camera, you can do both!
  • Cooled CCD with low read noise allows detection of faint details over long exposures while sensitivity moves to resolution for planetary imaging requiring fast frames.
  • The Atik Titan CCD Camera records up to 15 frames per second in uncompressed 16 bit format and utilizes a Sony Monochrome ICX424 sensor.
  • Signature cooling system means low noise and long exposure imaging.
  • The Atik Titan CCD Camera is the perfect introductory camera!


Atik Titan CCD Camera - Sony ICX424 Monochrome Sensor

The Atik Titan is three CCD Cameras in one! In high-speed mode, the Atik Titan is able to record up to 15 frames per second in uncompressed 16-bit format. The high frame rate is important in order to capture moments of steady “seeing” where the image becomes clear. The 16-bit digitalization makes it easier to pull spectacular detail out of low contrast objects like the surface of the Sun or the cloud belts of Saturn.

As a deep sky camera, the Atik Titan has a remarkable 5 electron read-noise in deep sky mode, which is better than many astro-cameras costing thousands of dollars. The low read-noise allows faint detail to be teased out of the Titan's images. The Atik Titan also features advanced cooling for long-exposure imaging.

As a guide camera, the Atik Titan's mix of high sensitivity and high frame rates makes it an ideal high end guide camera. It sports a standard ST-4 type guide socket on the back for direct connection to a mount. Guiding can be performed through Atik's included Capture software or programs like Maxim DL, AstroArt and CCD-Soft.

Also included is “Dawn” - Atik's new image processing software. Like Atik cameras, it was designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet easy to use. It allows a sequence of image processing steps to be represented in the form a a pictorial work-flow which can be created with a few mouse clicks and can be executed very easily for repeatable and speedy results.

About the Sony ICX424AL Sensor

The ICX424AL is a diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3) interline CCD solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array suitable for EIA black-and-white cameras. Progressive scan allows all pixel's signals to be output independently within approximately 1/60 second.

This chip features an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time which makes it possible to realize full-frame still images without a mechanical shutter. High sensitivity and low dark current are achieved through the adoption of the HAD (Hole- Accumulation Diode) sensors. This chip is suitable for applications such as FA and surveillance cameras.

Sony ICX424AL Sensor Features

  • Progressive scan allows individual readout of the image signals from all pixels.
  • High vertical resolution (480 TV-lines) still images without a mechanical shutter
  • Square pixel
  • Supports VGA format
  • Horizontal drive frequency: 24.54MHz
  • No voltage adjustments (reset gate and substrate bias are not adjusted.)
  • High resolution, high sensitivity, low dark current
  • Continuous variable-speed shutter
  • Low smear
  • Excellent anti-blooming characteristics
  • Horizontal register: 5.0V drive
  • 16-pin high precision plastic package (enables dual-surface standard)
  • Interline CCD image sensor
  • Image size: Diagonal 6mm (Type 1/3)
  • Number of effective pixels: 659 (H) × 494 (V) approx. 330K pixels
  • Total number of pixels: 692 (H) × 504 (V) approx. 350K pixels
  • Chip size: 5.79mm (H) × 4.89mm (V)
  • Unit cell size: 7.4μm (H) × 7.4μm (V)
  • Optical black: Horizontal (H) direction: Front 2 pixels, rear 31 pixels - Vertical (V) direction: Front 8 pixels, rear 2 pixels
  • Number of dummy bits: Horizontal 16 - Vertical 5
  • Substrate material: Silicon

Atik Product Number: A3-TITAN
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer ATIK
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Sensor Type Interline Transfer
Series Atik Titan
Pixel Size 7-9 Microns
Chip Diagonal 6.1mm - 8mm
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Sony
# of Sensors Single Sensor
Sensor Model ICX424
CCD Class Standard
Pixel Size in Micrometers 7.4 x 7.4 microns
Pixel Array 659 x 494
Sensor Diagonal 7.58
Minimum Exposure Time .001 second
Maximum Exposure Time unlimited
Focus Distance To Sensor Info Not Provided By Manufacturer
Shutter Type Digital & Mechanical
Filter Wheel No
Interface USB 2.0
Operating System Compatibility Windows
Included Software ATIK Capture
Camera Cooling Type Thermo-electric Cooling (TEC)
Camera Weight 0.8 lbs.
Included Items

Included Items

  • ATIK Titan CCD Camera
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • DC Power Cord
  • ATIK Capture Software
  • Case
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Hi, I have a few questions about this camera. 1- Can this camera be used with any telescope? 2- Can this camera be used for photometry? 3- Can you use the camera and auto-guiding system at the same time?
Hi! Can this camera be used with Hyperstar c8?
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