Apogee Aspen CG16M Monochrome CCD Camera - G07 Body, AFW50-7S Filter Wheel

Apogee Aspen CG16M Monochrome CCD Camera - G07 Body, AFW50-7S Filter Wheel
Item # AI-CG7-16M-AFW7
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  • The Aspen series is the latest high performance, cooled CCD camera system from Apogee Imaging Systems!
  • With the Apogee Aspen you'll enjoy increased cooling performance of up to 70º below ambient temperature, improved stray light baffling, a Network interface with a built-in web server, and 1 to 16 MHz 16-Bit digitization.
  • The Aspen G07 body has a 58mm shutter, 2.25" aperture and 1.01" of flange focal distance allowing for a low profile set up essential for telescopes requiring less back focus.
  • This package includes an AFW507S filter wheel for (7) 50mm square unmounted filters. Filters are not included.
  • The sensor included in this package is the amazingly popular full frame monochrome Kodak KAF-16803, with a 4096 x 4096 array and a pixel size of 9 microns.


Apogee Aspen CG16M High Performance Cooled CCD Camera...

Aspen® is the newest in design innovation from Apogee Imaging Systems. Aspen CCD cameras has increased cooling performance in a smaller package, improves stray light baffling, adds a Network interface with a built-in web server, supports dual output CCDs up to 16Mhz and sets a new standard in shutter reliability. All Apogee Aspen systems are backed by a 2 year warranty on the camera and lifetime warranty on the CCD chamber integrity.

Apogee Aspen System Features...

  • 1 to 16 MHz 16-Bit digitization
  • USB and Ethernet interface
  • Programmable cooling up to 70oC below ambient
  • High reliability shutter (>5 million cycles)
  • 32 MByte camera memory
  • Subarray readout and fast sequencing modes
  • Adjustable fan speed for low/zero vibration
  • General purpose programmable I/O port
  • Programmable status indicators
  • Dual channel CCD support
  • 32/64 bit ActiveX drivers included with every system
  • Field upgradable firmware
  • AR coated silica windows
  • RBI pre-flash
  • Moisture free chambers
  • Liquid cooling options
  • Precision locking filter wheels optional

Apogee Aspen System Specifications...

  • PC Interface: USB 2.0 to 16MHz; Network interface with built-in web server, up to 2MHz throughput
  • Max. Cable Length (USB): 5 meters between hubs; 5 hubs maximum (max. total of 30m)
  • Digital Resolution: 16 bits, single or dual channel
  • System Noise (typical): 7 e- RMS at 1 MHz
  • Pixel Binning: 1 x 1 to 8 x height of CCD
  • Exposure Time: Full Frame & Spectroscopy CCDs: 100 milliseconds to 183 minutes (2.56 microsecond increments)
  • Image Sequencing: 1 to 65535 image sequences under software control
  • Frame Sizes: Full frame, subframe, focus mode
  • Cooling (typical): Thermoelectric cooler with forced air. Maximum cooling up to 70°C below ambient temperature
  • Dark Current (typical for interline and front- illuminated CCDs): 0.01 e-/pixel/sec (-30°C)
  • Temperature Stability: +/- 0.1oC
  • Operating Environment: -25o to 40oC. Relative humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
  • Power: 40W maximum power with shutter open and cooling maximum. AC/DC “brick” supply with int’l AC input plug (100- 240V, 50-60Hz). Alternate 12V input from user’s source
  • Remote Triggering: LVTTL trigger input, expose strobe output.
  • Op. System Support: Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Apogee G07 Body Features & Specifications...

  • 2.25" standard imaging aperture.
  • 1.01" flange focal distance.
  • 58mm shutter.
  • Low profile housing for large CCD chips allows for optimal cooling but short focal distance. Superior choice for telescopes with shorter back focus requirements.


Kodak KAF-16803 Full Frame Sensor...

The KAF-16803 image sensor is a redesigned version of the popular KAF-16801E image sensor (4096 x 4096 pixel resolution) with enhancements that specifically target the needs of high performance digital radiography applications. Improvements include enhanced quantum efficiency for improved DQE at higher spatial frequencies, lower noise for improved contrast in areas of high density, and anti-blooming protection to prevent image bleed from over exposure in regions outside the patient. Utilizing Kodak's proprietary single gate ITO process and micro-lens technology, the KAF- 16803 image sensor with its large imaging area and small pixel size provides the sensitivity, resolution and contrast necessary for high quality digital radiographs. To simplify device integration, the KAF-16803 image sensor uses the same pin-out and package as the KAF-16801E image sensor.

  • Array: 4096 x 4096
  • Pixel Size: 9 microns
  • Array Size: 36.9mm x 36.9mm
  • Imaging Area (mm2): 1359
  • Diagonal: 52.1mm
  • Monochrome or Color: Monochrome

About the AFW50-7S Filter Wheel...

  • Provides large format, square, filtering solutions for cameras with large format sensors and wide imaging apertures.
  • Includes one carousel to hold 7 50mm square, unmounted filters.
  • Controlled via USB 2.0.
  • Marries seamlessly to your camera body for a secure and low profile connection.



Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Apogee
Color or B&W? Monochrome (B&W)
Series Apogee Aspen
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Sensor Manufacturer Truesense, formerly Kodak
Sensor Model KAF-16803
Filter Wheel Yes
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Hi What is the total Backfocus for this combination please. (chip to filter wheel face) Thanks Simon
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