OpticStar Guide Port Conversion Kit

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OpticStar Guide Port Conversion Kit
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  • The OpticStar Guide Port Conversion Kit makes an older style equatorial mount hand controller suitable for Auto-guiders.
  • This kit contains the parts needed to add an ST4 compatible guide port to an EQ-style dual axis hand controller.
  • Once the controller has been modified, a Shoestring GPINT-PT or GPUSB Auto Guider Kit will be required to connect your computer to the telescope.


OpticStar Guideport Adapter for Older EQ Mount Hand Controllers

This kit contains the parts needed to add an ST4 compatible guide port to an EQ-style dual axis hand controller. The EQ-style telescope mount series are some of the most widely sold mounts in the world.

Various companies such as Celestron and Orion (USA) sell versions of these mounts. They are all produced by Synta. By adding on the motor and hand controller accessories that are available for these mounts, long-exposure manually-guided astrophotography can be performed. However, these hand controllers do not include autoguider ports so that computer driven autoguiding can be utilized. There is no standardized autoguider port that is common to all manufacturers, but the so called ST4 port is a very common format used on most scopes.

If you own one of these styles mounts, and are comfortable with opening up the handcontroller box and making some simple modifications, then read on! If you are not comfortable doing this, maybe you have a friend that is. Webcam autoguiding is an inexpensive way to eliminate the monotony of manually autoguiding. Read through these instruction entirely prior to beginning the modification. Make sure you understand what must be done, and are completely comfortable with doing it.

Once the modification to the hand controller has been performed, you will need the Shoestring GPINT-PT Auto-Guider Kit or the Shoestring GPUSB Auto-Guider Kit to connect the computer to the telescope mount.

OpticStar Product Number: GUIDEPORT-C

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer OpticStar
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • OpticStar Guideport for AG-131 & Older EQ Mounts
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