Ironwood C-14 Flop-Stoppers

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Ironwood C-14 Flop-Stoppers
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  • The Ironwood C-14 Flop-Stopper stabilizes mirror shift while focusing and virtually eliminates mirror flop while slewing.
  • Two locks are included in the package.
  • Made on CNC machines with black anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the The Ironwood C-14 Flop-Stopper requires no disassembly or special tools.


Ironwood C-14 Flop-Stopper

The C-14 Flop-Stoppers V2 are updated from the original design, the mirror guide shafts are five times more ridged than the original stainless steel shafts, the threads have been re-designed for added strength. A new, more versatile thread-locking material has been added. The C-14 Flop-Stoppers V2 was originally designed for imaging and permanent installation, however now, because of the Flop-Stoppers' innovative design, the benefit of locking your mirror is simple and easy for everyone!!

Ironwood Observatories C-14 Flop-Stopper

The C-14 Flop-Stopper stabilizes mirror shift while focusing and virtually eliminates mirror flop while slewing. Two locks are included in the price. These are high quality items that have been produced on CNC machines and made with black anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts for long wear. The Flop-Stoppers are easy to install without the need of disassembly or special tools and comes with complete PDF installation instructions.

FAQ's For Flop-Stopper...

Q: Can the Flop-Stopper be used to transport the telescope?

A: Yes. As with all equipment, care should be taken to lock the mirror against the housing. One way to insure this is to point the telescope towards the zenith and move the mirror to the rear-most position. Then, lock the C-14 Flop-Stoppers. The guide shafts will be exposed and you should take care. They are made of a very hard stainless steel and should not bend easily.

Q: Should I use the C-14 Flop-Stopper for shipping on a commercial cargo carrier?

A:If you ship with the C-14 Flop-Stoppers installed you will have to insure that they have clearance in the shipping container. If ,you wish you can remove them for shipping and use the factory shipping bolt. When the scope arrives at its destination they can be installed again. However they are not designed to be removed and installed more than a few times. If the guide rods are damaged or need to be replaced, that can be done very easily.

Customer Note: Click on the "Images/Articles" link to download a copy of the installation instructions which will help explain a lot of questions you may have about this product.

Ironwood Observatories Product Number: FLOP

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ironwood
Warranty Not Supplied By Manufacturer
Included Items

Included Items

  • Ironwood Observatories C-14 Flop-Stopper
  • Allen Wrench
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is there a version for the Meade14"?
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