Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch Lightweight Focuser - 1.5" Travel, Brake, Compression Ring

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Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch Lightweight Focuser - 1.5" Travel, Brake, Compression Ring
Item # SI-FTF2015BCRLW
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  • This Starlight Instruments Feather Touch 2” Dual Speed Focuser has been specially machined for lightweight performance at just .852 lb.
  • The FTF2015BRC-LW Feather Touch focuser has 1.5” of draw tube travel, and has a 2” compression ring with multiple thumbscrews for a secure connection between your diagonal, camera, or other astronomical accessory.
  • A brake is also installed on this 2” Feather Touch, allowing you to increase the drag on heavier loads.
  • This Crayford-style focuser is rotatable, and has the famous 10:1 reduction assembly that focuses smooth as butter.


Feather Touch 2” Focuser Highlights

There are several features on a telescope that can make or break your observing or imaging experience, and the focuser is certainly right up there next to good optics, collimation, and a quality mount. In general, focusing needs to be precise and allow positioning of the eyepiece or imaging equipment to within .002 inches. Additionally, there should be no backlash and the focuser should be very free to move. Starlight Instruments is famous for the high quality build of their Feather Touch focusers. They use a precision 10:1 planetary reduction assembly, allowing for easy and precise focusing. Also, positioning of the draw tube and eyepiece to within .0005 inches can easily be achieved. Because Feather Touch focusers are made so well, it is also easy to adjust focus without shaking the telescope. The Starlight Instruments 10:1 reduction assembly has zero backlash, so that focusing at high power is smooth, steady, and pleasurable.

Feather Touch 2” LW Focuser with 1.5” Travel, Brake & Compression Ring

This Feather Touch Focuser has a 2” diameter and 1.5” of draw tube travel. Starlight Instruments has notched out the focuser housing and custom machined the draw tube to take the weight down to just .852 pounds. The lifting capacity of the FTF2015BCR-LW Feather Touch is 8 - 10 pounds, and as stated above, the reduction ratio is 10:1. The focuser can be rotated to allow for better positioning of guide stars, etc. This 2” Feather Touch Focuser also features a brake. A brake allows you to add more drag to prevent any downward motion of the focuser and attachments due to gravity. This drag is generated in the Pinion Housing Assembly and is a force applied to the pinion that drives the draw tube back and forth. It can also be locked. This model is all black. Black with gold, red, silver, or copper highlights are available optionally for a small surcharge. If you would like one of these optional colors, please make a note in the “comments” section of the shopping cart and we will contact you about additional costs and delivery times.

Feather Touch 2” LW Focuser Specifications

  • Draw Tube Travel: 1.5”/38.1 mm
  • Lifting Capacity: 8-10 pounds
  • Reduction Ratio: 10:1
  • Draw Tube Drive Mechanism: Crayford
  • Racked In from Mounting Face: 1.405"/35.687 mm
  • Racked Out from Mounting Face: 3.005"/76.327 mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Starlight Instruments
Focuser Design Crayford
Focuser or Mask Size 2" Drawtube
Focus Control Manual
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