Eva-Dry E-500 Mini-Dehumidifier

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Eva-Dry E-500 Mini-Dehumidifier
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  • The Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier is perfect for small places.
  • Keeps moisture out of an up to 500 cubic foot area.
  • No batteries or cords are required when you use a Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier!
  • The compact and silent unit works up to 10 years by using a simple electrical recharge method.
  • The spill-proof Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier is child and pet safe... Eco friendly, too!


Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier

Are you looking for a miniature dehumidifier that's perfect for your telescope equipment? Then check out the Eva-Dry E-500 Dehumidifier! This non-toxic, rechargeable system works silently and efficiently for up to 10 years. Not only is it spill-proof, but child and pet safe, too.

Renewable Eva-Dry dehumidifiers are filled with silica gel, a very thirsty substance. Odorless silica beads absorb many times their weight in moisture and lock it in so water can't leak or spill out.

When the Eva-Dry is "full" you renew the silica inside by plugging the unit into any standard 120V AC power outlet. Heat gently releases water vapor in as few as 12-15 hours. When the indicator is blue again, Eva-Dry is renewed and ready to go back to work. You can repeat the process for up to 10 years!

Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier Features

  • Lasts for 30-60 days before renewal.
  • Non-toxic, spill proof and eco-friendly.
  • Inexpensive method to keep your valuable equipment safe from excess moisture, mildew and mold.
  • Covers up to a 500 cubic foot area.
  • 100% renewable and works up to 10 years!
Eva-Dry Product Number: E-500
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU EV-E-500
Manufacturer Eva-Dry
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Eva-Dry E-500 Mini Dehumidifier
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I just got the eva-dry e-500, and there is no light on the indicator. How do I know if the dehumidifier is working?
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