Peterson EZ Balance

Peterson EZ Balance
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  • Designed specifically for Meade or Celestron 10-14" Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes.
  • The Peterson Engineering EZ Balance helps eliminate the problem of front heavy systems by adding 3.3 lbs. of weight.
  • Fits between the backplate of the telescope and the visual back.
  • The Peterson Engineering EZ Balance was designed to be on-axis.
  • Protective covering to prevent marring of your telescope's backplate.


Peterson Engineering EZ Balance

Some Schmidt Cassegrain style telescopes are very nose heavy when equipped with a dew shield, and this is the situation that the EZ Balance is designed to correct. This simple but unique 3.3 pound counterweight has a thin flange that fits between the telescope backplate and the EyeOpener (or the manufacturer's supplied visual back). The Peterson Engineering EZ Balance fits all 10" through 14" Meade and Celestron SCTs, from early models to current versions.

The unique feature of the Peterson Engineering EZ Balance counterweight is that it is on-axis. (Centered on a line that runs through the center of the tube). As long as you do not have any heavy accessories (such as a large secondary telescope) attached to the top of the optical tube the scope will stay in balance regardless of the orientation of the tube, and regardless of whether it is mounted on an Alt-Az or Polar type of mount.

Do you need the Peterson Engineering EZ Balance? Loosen your declination clutch. If your scope is nose heavy you can roughly simulate the effect of the EZ Balance by hanging a 1/2 gallon container of liquid (or some other 3.3 pound weight) from a string wrapped around the scope's visual back. You may still have a slight imbalance, but if this reduces the overall amount of unbalance in your system you'll want the Peterson Engineering EZ Balance .

The counterweight has a protective covering on the back of the casting to prevent scratching of your telescope's backplate. The counterweight is easy-on easy-off, so it can be readily removed to keep weight to a minimum when carrying your 'scope. No screws or rail systems are required.

Why balance your scope using the Peterson Engineering EZ Balance? The drive motors and drive gears used in these telescopes are quite small. An unbalanced scope will lead to excessive wear on the drive train with early life failure of motors and gears.

Peterson Engineering Product Number: EZBALANCE
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Peterson
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Included Items

  • Peterson Engineering \r\nEZ Balance
  • Protective Cover
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Will this work with a Nexstar Evolution 9.25 SCT?
Will this work on a nexstar evolution 9.25?
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