TPO Red Dot Finder - Single Dot

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TPO Red Dot Finder - Single Dot
Item # OS-RDF
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  • The TPO Red Dot Finder helps locate objects with ease!
  • Unmagnified LED screen pinpoints stars with illuminated red dot.
  • This single dot TPO Red Dot Finderscope is suitable for daytime use.
  • Works with existing finder scopes.
  • TPO Red Dot Finder attaches to any telescope or binoculars.
  • Includes CR-2032 3V battery, dovetail shoe and finder stalk.


TPO Red Dot Finder

Have you ever wished you could simply point and shoot your telescope? Well, now you can. With the TPO Red Dot Finderscope, aiming is as easy as aligning the red dot on the target area. (Note: Red dot appears on the screen and not in the sky.)

The non-magnified LED screen provides a clear window to the stars and the adjustable brightness red dot provides a visual reference to where the telescope is pointed - day or night. The TPO red dot reflex site makes a great accessory to all telescopes, including birdwatching and binoculars.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer TPO
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • TPO Single Dot Red Dot Finder
  • Finder Stalk
  • Dovetail Shoe
  • Battery
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Will this finder fit in the mount a Meade ETX90 telescope?
Aloha OPT, Will the female shoe/base fit on an Astro Tech 72mm ED refractor? According to Astro Tech's documentation, the scope comes with small 5mm screws already installed on the OTA (which I have verified). But the length of those little 5mm screws seems to be only about 1/4" (at the most)... ie, they don't look long enough (to me) to mount any kind of base/foot. thanks!
OPT red dot finder has adjustable brightness controls ?
Actually back order how many time to have it ?
thank you for your answer
What is the overall height, from base of the dovetail (part attached to telescope) to the top of the flat area of red dot finder?
Is the brightness of the red dot variable?
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