Tele Vue Starbeam Finder - Universal Mount

Tele Vue Starbeam Finder - Universal Mount
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  • Televue StarBeam Finder's red dot can be seen at any angle.
  • Unique Flip Mirror provides comfort and straight-through flexibility with 6-arc-minute accuracy from any angle.
  • The Televue StarBeam Finder features 39mm aperture concave lens for clear red dot image projection.
  • Weighs 14 ounces and has a Push / Pull design thumbscrews on supplied bracket for easy release.
  • Two 1.5V LR44 lithium watch batteries included.
  • The Televue StarBeam Finder universal mount fits 4" diameter or larger optical tubes.


Tele Vue SFU-1004 StarBeam Finder with Flip Mirror - Universal Mount

Designed to be compatible with all telescopes with a optical tube diameter of 4" or more, this exquisitely designed red dot reflex finder is not only functional, but a true work of physics genius and optical art. For anyone who has ever used a illuminated concentric circle finder or red dot finder, there is a point where it is difficult - if not impossible - to see the projected image. Not so with the Televue Star Beam! Let's take a look at the man behind the curtain...

Located behind the flip mirror is an illuminator. This is the projector which produces the red finder "star" which is fully user adjustable for color, brightness and size. At the business end of the Televue SFU-1004 Star Beam Finder, a 39mm aperture high quality concave lens collects starlight and acts as a beamsplitter - collimating and combining the background view and the 10 arc minute diameter projected red star. The highly polished first lens surface acts as a mirror and a compensating curve designed into the second lens surface provides the normal sky background view. Both surfaces are multi-coated to eliminate double images. This means no matter what angle you view from, the projected red "star" stays stationary - from two inches to two feet. The Televue StarBeam Finderscope offers 6-arc-minute accuracy - regardless of eye position. No more head turning, eye blinking and moving around to find the red alignment image and guessing with high power eyepieces... It's there!

The light-weight pivoting first surface flip mirror allows the Starbeam to be used either straight-through, as a right angle finder or whatever angle the user needs. The removable black metal base channel fits the dovetail slot machined into the mounting ring of all current Televue TV-85, TV-101, TV-102, and Televue Renaissance-101 models. Screws thread through the base channel and into the telescope mounting ring, holding the base channel in place. Just slide the Televue SFU-1004 Star Beam Finderscope on the base rail, secure with the knurled knob, and align to your telescope's optics with the azimuth and altitude adjustment knobs. Elegance meets ease...

Nothing says quality like the Televue StarBeam Finder. The Starbeam is custom machined completely from aluminum and then black anodized, even down to the "push-pull" thumb screws. No tools are required to align Starbeam with your telescope and all mounting hardware is included. Doesn't your telescope deserve the Televue Star Beam?

Televue StarBeam Finderscope Features

  • Rotary brightness control for 10 arc minute diameter projected red finder star.
  • Multi-coated lens surfaces
  • Custom machined black anodized aluminum construction
  • Removable black metal base channel fits telescopes with 4" or larger optical tube diameter
  • Lifetime Televue Warranty

TeleVue Product Number: SFU-1004

Customer Note: As of 1/1/12, Televue has extended its warranty on eyepieces, barlows, powermates and parracors from 5 years to a LIFETIME warranty! This will be effective on sales on 1/1 moving forward only and is not retroactive in any way. The warranty will still cover optical performance, optical coatings, optical cementing, plus mechanical components and operation of the product. This warranty still applies to the original owner and a dated proof of purchase must accompany any warranty repair claim.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tele Vue
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • TeleVue StarBeam Finderscope
  • Two 1.5V LR44 lithium watch batteries
  • Removable black metal base channel fits Televue TV-85, TV-101, TV-102, and Televue Renaissance-101 models
  • Mounting hardware
  • Five Year Televue Warranty
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Product Questions

I have two refractors that are each equipped with standard parallax rings. How would I use the starbeam with both scopes? I currently have a finder dovetail shoe on each set. (standard orion/synta type small dovetail shoe)
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