TPO 8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope with Bracket & Base

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TPO 8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope with Bracket & Base
Item # OS-FSRA8X50
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  • This TPO 8x50 Right Angle Finderscope and Bracket offers 50 mm of light-gathering, 8X magnification, the comfort of right angle viewing, and a corrected image...all at a very economical price.
  • This finderscope package comes with a single-ring finder bracket with a dovetail foot.
  • A quick release dovetail base easily attaches to most telescopes and accepts (or releases) the finder bracket with a simple turn of a thumbscrew.
  • The TPO 8X50 RAIC Finderscope Package is a great option for those who wish to replace their smaller, straight-through finders.
  • For terms and conditions please examine the TPO Warranty page here.



TPO 8x50 Right Angle Finderscope
with Quick Release Bracket and Base

Upgrade your existing finderscope with this TPO 8 X 50 right angle, image erect finder! The white finderscope sports optics with a 50 mm diameter for better light-gathering than a 30 mm finderscope, and the 8X power allows for a wide field of view while increasing the magnification to eight times more than your eyes can see. The right angle feature of the TPO 8X50 Finderscope lets you look down into the finder's eyepiece rather than straight through the barrel. Most people find this arrangement more comfortable on the back and neck, especially when looking at objects that are at or near zenith. Also, the TPO 8X50 Finderscope offers a correct image, which means objects will be right-side up. That is good news for those who wish to use their finderscope terrestrially.

The TPO RAIC 8X50 Finder comes with its own single-ring bracket. Two over-sized thumbnail screws and one spring loaded positioner for quick and easy alignment. The base of the finder slides into the included base and locks into position. It is easy to remove the finder and bracket from your telescope when you put it away for the evening. Just slide the bracket out of the base, lock the thumbscrew back down so you don't lose it, and store the finder & bracket in your telescope accessory case.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer TPO
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • TPO-8x50 Right Angle Image Correct Finderscope
  • Finderscope Bracket
  • Quick Release Dovetail Base
  • Caps for Finder
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

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What is the FOV of this finder?
Will this mount on refractor hinged rings like Stellarvue for instance?
Can this be used with the Meade 8"SCT?
Will this finder fit onto a Celestron C8 SCT without any additional equipment?
Can the diagonal be rotated to put the eyepiece at different positions?
what does it weigh?
will this product adapt to the mounting ring for the viewfinder of an ETX 90EC
Can you ship this item to México?
What kind of coatings are on the lenses?
Will the base work direct with a Celestron Evolution 9.25" SCT without any mods or aftermarket screws to bolt on to the OTA?
Will the dovetail base work on a Celestron C6S SCT?
Will this finder scope attach to the finder bracket that comes on Orion dobsonians without modification?
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