Baader 10x60 Vario Finderscope with Mounting Base for Officina Stellare Telescopes

Baader 10x60 Vario Finderscope with Mounting Base for Officina Stellare Telescopes
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  • The Baader Vario Finderscope, offered here by Officina Stellare, has a 60mm aperture, a focal length of 250mm, and a magnification of 10X through the supplied 25mm crosshair eyepiece.
  • Based on the Carl Zeiss C-Lens design, the Vario can act as a high-quality finder, a rich field scope, a guiding scope or even a telephoto lens!
  • The Baader Planetarium Vario Finderscope has a fast optical system for great autoguider support.
  • Provides enough back focus for nearly all photography applications.
  • Officina Stellare will attach the mounting base when ordered with any of their astrographs.
  • Pricing of this item, as noted, requires a concurrent purchase of an Officina Stellare telescope. Please contact OPT if you would like ala carte pricing.


Baader 10x60 Vario Finder with Officina Stellare Mounting

When you buy the Baader 10 x 60 Vario Finderscope at the same time you order an Officina Stellare telescope, they will mount the proper base plate on your OTA at the factory. Now, here's some information on the very versatile Baader 10x60 Vario finderscope:

The Baader Vario finderscope, with its precise two-element achromatic 60mm objective, 250mm focal length and widely varied connection options, is the last finderscope you'll ever need. It provides enough back focus for almost all photographic applications and accepts either a T2 connection or your 1.25" accessories like diagonals, Amici prisms etc. It only takes a few seconds to switch from a straight telescope to a right angle finder.

Baader Planetarium Vario 10X60 Finderscope Features.

  • 60mm versatile finder with crisp image, 45 degree field of view and supplied illuminated 25mm crosshair eyepiece
  • High image quality with magnification factors up to 120x through the Zeiss C-lens design
  • Acts as a 60mm Spotting Scope for rich-field observation with clean, clear image definition
  • Hefty guiding scope qualities are well suited for auto guiding applications
  • Performs as a high contrast telephoto lens for astronomy and terrestrial imaging
  • Excellent "Grab and Go" refractor telescope with photo tripod adapter (included)
  • Focusing with locking ring, 12mm range and additional rear push-focuser with 35mm travel
  • T2 and 1.25" eyepiece applications, photo tripod thread and GP-style dovetail rail included
  • 45° Amici Prism for correct image orientation and T2 illuminated 25mm crosshair eyepiece included
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Officina Stellare
Included Items

Included Items

  • Baader Vario 10X60 Finderscope
  • Locking Ring
  • T2 and 1.25" Connections
  • 45 degree Amici Prism
  • 25mm Illuminated Crosshair Eyepiece
  • Dovetail
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