Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope

Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope
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  • The Celestron Right Angle Finderscope makes it easy to find your target when your telescope is pointed toward the zenith.
  • Illuminated dual crosshair reticle allows for easy centering of your target; the star cannot hide behind the crosshair.
  • Gives a fully corrected image for easy, intuitive use.
  • Individual focus adjustment for reticle and the view through the finder.
  • Eyepiece assembly can be rotated left and right, making it easy to find a comfortable viewing angle.
  • Dovetail bracket allows you to easily attach the finderscope and and remove it for storage.


Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope

Smoothly align your Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD optical tube with the Celestron 9x50 illuminated finderscope, which makes pointing as easy and comfortable as possible. Its right-angle orientation reveals a corrected image so you can quickly locate your target object when it is directly overhead, so you don’t need to strain your neck while aligning. Then, use the double crosshair reticle to accurately center and lock onto the object without it being obscured behind the crosshairs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU CE-93781
UPC Code 050234937818
Manufacturer Celestron
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
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Included Items

  • Celestron 9x50 Illuminated RA Correct Image Finderscope
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Product Questions

What is the FOV with this Celestron 9x50 finder scope? Also, how much does it weigh and how long is it? Thanks.. Bill
Will this finder scope fit into the same bracket as the Celestron StarSense? (the "large" StarSense bracket).
Hello, will this Finder scope fit my CPC 1100 XLT?
Will this finder scope fit on an older model Celestron C-5 spotting scope? The original mounting ring was broken off. It has two screws holding the mount in place. Thank you.
Hello... Will this finder bracket fit a cpc 1100 deluxe? Thanks!
Will this fit an older Celestron C8? It's a black tube scope ca 1985. Has tiny finder scope on it now. Don't think it's on a dovetail base, think it might be screwed direct to frame. Unfortunately I don't have it here right now to check.
Thanks a lot.
Will this fit on a Celestron Evolution 6'
I wanted to ask if the Celestron 9x50 RACI finderscope will fit my Meade Classic LX200, using the existing mounting screw holes on the Meade rear cell. I see that Katsumi has already asked about the same question and was answered that it will. However, in my searching for an answer, I've seen reference that the screw hole spacing for the stock Meade LX200 finderscope is 1-1/4" but mine is 1-3/8". Not sure if that's because my Classic LX200 was one of the first 12V units before Meade went to 18V systems. Could you verify that the Celestron 9X50 RACI finderscope base will still fit my Meade rear cell with the 1-3/8" hole spacing? If not, what is the max width of the Celestron finder so I can see if it will fit the original Meade finder rings. Thanks for your help.

---- Chuck
I just received this finderscope and got it mounted OK. I was surprised there were absolutely no instructions included, except to show how the batteries were to be loaded in the reticle. I've found nothing at Celestron's website either. Does anything exist that I am missing?
Can illumination be turned off?
What size batteries does this use?
Is this illuminated RA Finder mountable onto Mead 8" SCT? If yes, what mounting bracket necessary?
Can this scope with right angle accommodate a 1.25" guide cam?
Hello! Can I remove diagonal from this finder and use it with some additional adapter etc.? How the tube, diagonal and eyepiece hold together in this finder? The tube has standart T-thread or what?
Any issues mounting this great looking RA finder to a MEADE LX90 ACF 12"...? I would love to replace my current finder with this bad boy...

Clear Skies from Arizona!
Will this finderscope fit onto a Celestron C-14 SCT?
Having recently purchased the 9x50 RACI Finder, can you advise:
1) What are the specifications of the three batteries provided - the printing on these are indistinct, and
2) Which way should the three batteries be inserted - positive to the switch end, or positive to the light emitting end. There are no markings on the device, and no instruction sheet.


I have an old Celestron Nexstar 4 scope. At this moment it has a red dot Star pointer finder scope. Will this RA CI finder scope fit my telescope?
Will this finder scope/bracket fit my Celestron 5 SE?
What are the dimensions and shape of the dovetail at the bottom of the finder stalk? Do you know if this will fit into the dovetail base on an Astro-Tech AT8IN?
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