Astro-Physics 10 x 60 Vario Finder & Guider Bracket Kit

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Astro-Physics 10 x 60 Vario Finder & Guider Bracket Kit
Item # AP-1060VGKIT
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  • The Astro-Physics 10 X 60 Vario Finderscope & Quick Release Guiding Bracket Package is about as good as it gets when it comes to a high quality finder and guidescope!
  • The Vario Finder by Baader includes a superb 2-element Zeiss designed objective and interchangeable T-2 accessory system that allows the user to be flexible regarding the accessories that ride on the back.
  • A 45º erect image 1.25" diagonal is included, as well as a 25mm illuminated reticle eyepiece, but you can easily remove these accessories and attach T-2 extension tubes (a 15mm & 40mm extension is included)…voila, your finder becomes a guidescope!
  • The Astro-Physics designed Guider Bracket is robust enough to hold heavy CCD cameras without flexure, and the package also comes with an oversized quick-release base specifically designed for the Vario Finder. It is beefy and rigid, providing a solid foundation for your imaging equipment.


Astro-Physics 10 X 60 Vario Finderscope/Guidescope Package

About the Vario Finder…

The Baader 10 x 60 Vario Finder System is unique in that it utilizes a high quality 2-element Zeiss designed objective and an interchangeable T-2 accessory system that will allow the included 45° prism to be switched with user-provided 90° prisms, or used in a straight-through configuration. Because of the exceptional quality of the optics, this finder will also be able to be used as a guide scope, employing a variety of new 3rd party guide cameras.

  • High quality 61mm f/4 objective with a focal length of 250mm
  • Coarse focusing is provided by the sliding draw tube (35 mm travel), and fine focusing is performed using the threaded objective cell with lens-locking ring (12 mm travel).
  • 1.25" brass clamp ring with 3 thumb screws for interchangeable eyepieces and accessories
  • 45° erecting prism with 1.25" nosepiece and T-2 thread
  • 25mm eyepiece with variable brightness illuminated measuring reticle
  • Retractable dew shield
  • It is recommended that you use guide cameras with 7.4 micron pixels or smaller.

About the AP Vario Guider Bracket…

The Astro-Physics designed Guider Bracket greatly expands the versatility and functionality of the Baader 10 x 60 Vario- Finder Scope. By removing the finderscope’s 45° prism and reticle eyepiece and substituting T-2 extension tubes, the finder transforms into a straight-through guidescope. This unique Guider Bracket provides the robust, flexure-free structure to hold even the heaviest guide cameras. Whether you use a feather-light camera, such as the SBIG ST-i, QHY5L-II and Starlight Xpress Superstar, or a heavy-weight, such as the SBIG ST-402, this Guider Bracket will help you master auto-guiding.

About the Quick Release Base:

An enlarged Quick-Release Base (QRBASEG) provides the rigid foundation on which the bracket rests. The male dovetail base-rail allows the bracket to be positioned for proper balance, while providing an attachment point for the stabilizing guide ring. The guide ring is the key to rigidly holding the focuser’s draw tube and the guide camera flexure-free.

As your Astro-Physics mount precisely tracks around the sky, the protective felt lining of your telescope’s rings can allow a minute amount of scope flexure, affecting the otherwise perfect star shapes. Because this entire guidescope configuration is attached directly to your telescope (rather than the scope’s rings), guiding will follow your scope’s movement, not that of the scope’s rings and mounting plates. This will ensure that you get the imaging results you seek.

Vario Finder and Guider Bracket Kit includes:

  • 10 x 60 Baader-Vario Finder, includes 45° erecting prism and 25mm reticle eyepiece for use as a finder
  • 10 x 60 Quick Release Guider Bracket (S1060QRGB)
  • Base for Quick Release Guider Bracket (QRBASEG)
  • T-2 Extension Tubes – 40 mm (BP25B) and 15 mm (BP25A)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Astro-Physics
Warranty Limited Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • 10 x 60 Baader-Vario Finder
  • 45° 1.25" Erecting Prism
  • 25mm 1.25"Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece
  • 10 x 60 Quick Release Guider Bracket
  • Base for Quick Release Guider Bracket
  • 15mm T-2 Extension Tube
  • 40mm T-2 Extension Tube
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Product Questions

Will the mounting base( 3rd photo) of guiding brackets match the holes spacing of sct EdgeHd 925?
The detailed photo of the mounting bracket shows the third ring that supports the focus tube.  That doesn't match the photo of the guidescope in the mount.  Does this item include the longer bracket with the third ring?  This would be the (1060VGKIT).
Do you know if the base will fit firmly into the tak toa 130 guidescope mounting hardware? Do you have additional hardware that would facilitate such a set up
1. Is included dovetail with 1/4" hole for tripod (dovetail included in baader vario finder)?

2. Is this finder's prism same as baader vario finder's 45° Amici Prism?
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