Tele Vue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount

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Tele Vue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount
Item # TE-AAM-0001
  • The Televue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount attaches to the slots in Tele Vue ring mounts via a dovetail that is similar to the heavy-duty StarBeam channel..
  • Allows TeleVue TV-60 to be used as a finderscope.
  • Locking knob acts as pivot points for alignment.


Televue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount (AAM-0001)

Would you like to use your Televue TV-60 as a super finder scope, yet want it to be easily switched to a stand-alone refractor? Then you need the Televue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount. Very similar to the heavy duty Starbeam channel assembly, this mount fits in the slots on all Televue ring-mounts. The Televue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount includes a dovetail so that the TV-60 models currently being shipped can be easily switched from "stand alone" to "finderscope" application.

The dovetail has a long arm which fits into the X-Y adjustable axis. The X-Y axis then bolts into the finder scope dovetail which is grooved into the ring mount of all 3" and larger TeleVue refractors. By removing the stop screws, the TV-60 slides into place along the dovetail rail and the screws are replaced to secure the TV-60 as a finder. The large knob in the X-Y adjuster performs like a pivot allowing the dovetail (and finder) to move from side to side. The lock knob also acts as a jack screw which moves the finder up and down. By adjusting the lock knob and various screws while looking alternately through your scope and the TV-60, you can precisely aim the optical axis of the TV-60 at the same point in that your optical tube assembly is aimed.

When you're done for the night, just remove the dovetail's stop screws and remove the TV-60. It is now ready to mount on a photo tripod for terrestrial observing or to use as a smaller telescope. With careful handling, your alignment and collimation should remain between mountings and if alignment is required, just a few simple adjustments are all it takes! Add an additional accessory mounting block adapter and use the TV-60 on SCT scopes, too!

Televue X-Y Adjustable Accessory Mount Features

  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Over-sized adjustment knobs for easier handling.
  • Five year Televue warranty.
TeleVue Product Number: AAM-0001
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tele Vue
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

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Allows TV 60 to be SuperFinder
The TV XY mount allows the TV 60 to be mounted on an SCT as a SuperFinder. This allows me to change eyepieces and angles without losing the synch with my SCT. The XY mount is easy to adjust until you get right up to the crosshairs, then that last bit of centering becomes elusive. Once you finally get synced, it shouldn't take much to resynch because the adjusters can be locked against each other.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Thomasmt / (Posted on 6/30/2014)
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