William Optics 1.25" Binoviewer with Eyepieces

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William Optics 1.25" Binoviewer with Eyepieces
Item # WO-E-BINO-P
  • William Optics Binoviewer fits the 1.25" focuser of your refractor, Newtonian or SCT scope.
  • Employs high quality BaK4 prisms of 20mm clear aperture for maximum brightness and contrast.
  • Supplied 1.6X magnification barlow nose piece for easy focusing in any telescope!
  • William Optics Binoviewer comes complete with William Optics Wide Angle (66) 20mm eyepieces!
  • Offers individual eyepiece focus adjustment.


William Optics - 1.25" Binoviewer

Are you ready for high quality optics in a low-priced binoviewer? There's no need to sacrifice quality for affordability... William Optics 1.25" Binoviewer gives you the best of both worlds! Today you can enjoy the benefits of a BaK4 quality binoviewer in your refractor, Newtonian or SCT scope with a convenient package from William Optics that includes a 1.25" Binoviewer with anti-marring compression rings, 2x W.A. (66 deg.) 20mm Eyepieces, and a Barlow nose piece (1.6x) for easier focusing with any telescope!

The WO Binoviewers offer exceptional quality and attention to details that only come from William Optics. These telescope binocular viewers are standard with an anodized aluminum finish to compliment any telescope and the anti-marring eyepiececompression ring system guarantees stability and security. Large chromed thumbscrews hold the William Optics Binoviewer to your focuser and the sytem works with a 1.25" or 2" star diagonal for added viewing comfort. It's 4" optical path means you'll have less trouble getting these binoviewers to come to focus with your telescope and the high quality multi-coatings mean brighter, more contrast enhanced views! William Optics tests their binoviewers before they leave the manufacturer for collimation and offers a two year warranty against product defects. Please keep in mind that damage or loss of collimation from dropping or rough handling of binoviewers is not covered under warranty.

You'll love the William Optics Bino Viewer for its dimensional views of the Moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, comets and more! You'll see more detail than ever before and tired objects will be brought back to life again. Give your observing experience a new twist... Use two eyes instead of one!

William Optics - 1.25" Bino Viewer Features...

  • Anodized aluminum finish.
  • Large chromed thumbscrews.
  • Anti-marring brass compression rings for your eyepieces.
  • Fully Multi Coated. IP Accommodation: 53mm to 75mm. Clear Aperture: 20.2mm.
  • Eyepieces are helical focusing and held in place by compression rings
  • Dimensions: 120mm X 112mm X 42mm Optical Path: 100mm (4") Weight: approx. 520g (without eyepieces)
  • Two year William Optics warranty.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer William Optics
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

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Better than Advertised
I ordered these after scouring the net for info on binoviewers......their pro and cons......and decided that at this price point, why not. They arrived on time enclosed in an attractive box that had cut-outs for the two Swan eyepieces and the Barlow. First light was tonight with moderate seeing, but WOW did they perform. I was so excited to try them that I did not give them time to adjust to the night air, but it did not seem to matter, they were crystal clear right out of the box. No collimating problems, no failure to merge, no problems tightening the eyepieces, nothing but the rings of Saturn filling both my eyes in 3D!! I could see its rings and the famous Cassini division, with no false color. In the background were stars that were sharp to the edge of the nearly 70 degree FOV,. I could go on, but I think I will go out again and have another look at them through my LX 90. If you are a newbie, or a seasoned amateur who would like to take a space walk in 3D and don't want to break the bank, buy these nocs. Thanks Vinnie and the rest of the crew over there at OPT for offering such a great deal.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Daryl / (Posted on 6/7/2013)
follow up
this binoviewer is aboslutely fantastic. in the 18 months ive had this unit i have pushed it to the limits. in 18 months i have completed 5 astronomical league clubs. viewed a few mag 13 galaxy and viewed all carbon stars, seen all 6 stars of the trapizium and quite honestly viewing anything with both eyes is a real treat everyone should try. if you have the money and desire to stop squinting with one eye and see with both eyes wide open who knows you might just find that your jaw is wide open in awwe. my suggestion is get a set and enjoy in the view.

happy stargazing

1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by gj / (Posted on 10/17/2010)
trully spectacular
the craftmanship is great, planetary views are jaw dropping,rings of saturn wow, belts on jupiter WOW the moon WOOOOOOW! deep sky object a bit challenging as you lose a full magnitude, mag 10 becomes 11 and so on. but still a great view. the supplied EP are OK if you have others high power great use them. I use the WO EP and they do a good job from my light polluted area! I would recommend these to anyone! they are well made and fun for the family.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by gj / (Posted on 4/15/2009)
Absolutely stunning performance on deep-sky and planetary viewing!! Excellent craftsmanship and another fine winner from William Optics!
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Ken / (Posted on 12/3/2007)
Included Items

Included Items

  • Bino Viewer
  • 1.6X Barlow Nose Piece
  • 2 - 20mm Wide Angle Eyepieces
  • Protective Caps
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Will these binoviewers work, as shipped, with the following scopes, and if not, what accessories would need to be purchased? f: 1.) 500mm focal length, f/6.25 refractor. 2.) 1200mm focal length, f/5.9 dobsonian. Thank you for your timely response!
Will it work with a celestron omni xlt 120 without using the barlow? thank you
The binoviewer may be used for terrestrial observation?
Are the eyepieces easy to change out? I have, by some twist of luck, two TV Delos 17 mm 1.25" Can I use those?
I am interested in these viewers - - Will this bino viewer work with a Meade Starfinder dobsonian : Focal Length: 1140 mm, F ratio: f/4.5.Or a 5" Maksutov Cas:  1540mm (f/12.1) focal lengthOr an 8" Meade Schmidt Cas:    f/10 optical system (focal lengt
Wondering if this will work with a Skywatcher Pro 120ED? (900mm f/7.5) Thanks in advance!
Will this binoviewer work with a 3.5" Questar?
Will these binoviewers work with a Coronado PST, 40 mm objective, i.e. basic PST? I have an Orion binoviewer but can't achieve focus at all, even with the Orion provided 2x barlow for the binoviewer.
Will it work with/without the barlow with:
1. Shmidt D=150mm FL=1500mm
2. Reflector D=203mm FL=1000mm
I can not see any stars using the binoviewers and my celestron Nexstar 8SE Scope. I can see a street light, but not stars. I tried using the barlow lens it comes with, made no difference. Any suggestions?
If I use a correct image diagonal on an SCT will the binoviewer give me a correct image, top/bottom, right/left like standard binoculars?
will the binovision work on my Swarovski at80 spotting scopes . . . . does Williams make an adapter to fit this on my scope . . . . will this give me a good star/planets look
I have tried it with the included 1.6x (very short) barlow and still it didn´t focus on my 200mm/f6.2 (1245mm FL) reflector.
What would be the effect of adding a conventional (longer tube) barlow? And what would happen if I install a 3x or 5x barlow? Would it allow for more in-focus?
Hi. I was wondering if these binoviewers will work in a lunt 102mm f7 refractor. Also, are you able to ship this item to Canada?
Will this Bino easily focus if used with my Tele Vue-85? Any issues with either 1.25" and 2" diagonals, and will there be any problems when used with my TV 45 degree diagonal? Thanks.
Greetings. Does this product change the image orientation like reversing it or rotating it? I am using an Infinity 102mm Meade refractor which provides a correct image right side up useful for terrestrial viewing. Will this product change that view, or will it keep the same image orientation as the telescope eyepiece?
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