OPT Rubylith Red Masking Film - 15" X 20" Sheet

OPT Rubylith Red Masking Film - 15" X 20" Sheet
Item # OS-RUBY
  • Turn your glaring white lights into night-friendly red with this Red Masking Film.
  • It is durable and easy to cut to any shape you desire.
  • Our OPT Rubylith Film measures 15" X 20".
  • Great for turning white flashlights into red, making your computer screen star party friendly, or covering the dome lights in your car or RV in a snap.


OPT Rubylith Film

Rubylith® RM3 is a high-tack ruby film coated onto 300-gauge polyester. As shown below, Rubylith is normally used in graphic arts and screen-printing industries, however, it is an excellent product for amateur astronomers as well. Rubylith will produce very consistent results when used to create a night-safe red light out of normal white lights, unlike most "quick-fix" materials we've tried, such as red tape, paint, and thin cellophane. Since it is bound to 300 gauge polyester, it holds it's shape well when cut and is easy to work with.

Here's some more traditional information about Rubylith...

Rubylith® is a red masking film, which is suited for use with orthochromatic films. Rubylith® is safe for use with camera speed darkroom films as well as indirect gelatin stencil films and diazo, diazo acrylic, or SBQ sensitized stencil films or emulsions.

Rubylith® is primarily used in the camera and plate-making operations for offset lithography, flexography, gravure, and screen processes where orthochromatic films and plates are used.

Rubylith® brand masking film is a light-safe knife cut film coated onto a polyester backing sheet. These films can be cut manually or on a plotter to produce masks for film contacting and plate making and film positives for photographic stencil production.

OPT Product Number: OS-RUBY

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer OPT
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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Rubylith Rocks
This stuff works as advertised.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Kelly / (Posted on 1/30/2009)
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Included Items

  • OPT Rubylith Film - 15" X 20"
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Product Questions

Is the rubylith adhesive? If not, what are your recommendations for attaching to iphone screens, etc?
Is it flat, or is it curled from being in a roll? If not flat, how can one make it become flat? Otherwise it can't be used on a monitor because the view will be blurred if not right against the screen. Thanks.
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