Vixen Polar Axis Scope with Illuminator for Vixen GP Mounts

Vixen Polar Axis Scope with Illuminator for Vixen GP Mounts
Item # VX-3912
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  • Illuminated Polar Alignment Scope offers 6X magnification.
  • Vixen Illuminated Polar Axis Scope Fits Grand Polaris Mounts.
  • Weighs approximately 12 ounces.
  • Three arc-second accuracy for long-exposure astrophotography.
  • Vixen Illuminated Polar Axis Scope has an objective lens size of 20mm.
  • Complete with etched reticules for Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • Machined steel construction with removable intensity controlled red illuminator.
  • Uses two AA batteries (not included).


Vixen 3912 - Polar Axis Scope with Illuminator for Vixen GP Mounts

Are you ready to upgrade your Vixen Grand Polaris Mount with an illuminated polar axis finderscope? Then here you are... The Vixen Polar Axis Scope with Illuminator (3912) is designed to be compatible with all Vixen Grand Polaris Mounts. Simply thread the Illuminated Polar Axis finder into place and you're ready for a very precise alignment for either the north or south polar axis with the included etched reticules. No more guesswork and no more ruined long exposure astrophotography!

As a special feature, the Vixen Polar Finder has separate battery operated variable-brightness illuminator which connects to the viewing port. Not only is it adjustable in intensity, but can be removed from the mount and used as a red flashlight for reading star charts! Just use the snap on cover for the eyepiece end of the finder and your equipment stays dust free and protected making the Vixen Illuminated Polar Finder a permanent part of your GP Mount.

Vixen 3912 - Polar Axis Scope with Illuminator for Vixen GP Mounts Features

  • Wide 8 degree field of view through finder
  • Removable illuminator which doubles as a variable brightness red flashlight
  • Adjustable date and time scale dial
  • Machine setting circles with graduated markings (24 hrs. in RA, subdivided into 10 min. increments, and +/-90° in Dec.)
Vixen Product 3912
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU VX-3912
Manufacturer Vixen
Included Items

Included Items

  • Screw-in Polar Scope
  • Polar Scope Alignment Key
  • External Polar Scope Illuminator (2x AA batteries not included),
  • R.A. Setting Circle
  • Two Etched Reticules for Northern/Southern Hemisphere Use
  • One Year Vixen Warranty
  • R.A. Circle Setscrew
  • Declination Setting Circle
  • Declination Circle Bottom Retaining Ring
  • Snap On Cover
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Would this work as a replacement for the polar scope in a mid-80s vintage Super Polaris mount?
It's a long shot, but would this Polar Scope Kit work on a Meade LXD75 Go To Mount? I bought the mount used and it's missing the Illuminator for the polar scope. If this would fit, I could replace the entire factory scope...
What is the view through the reticule ? What kind of diagram is shown to line up polaris? Can you source a photo of this??
Will this fit the GP-DX? My understanding is all the Vixen GP mounts take the same polar scope.
I bought a Celestron SP-C8N but the polar scope illuminator is missing. Can it be sourced separately from the polar scope which is exactly the same as this one?
Thanks in advance,
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