Vixen Polarie Polar Scope

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Vixen Polarie Polar Scope
Item # VX-35508
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  • The Vixen Polarie Polar Scope is a dedicated polar finder for the Vixen Polarie Camera Tracker.
  • It is easily installed by inserting right through the center of the Polarie Camera Tracker, and is held in place with an imbedded magnet.
  • The Polarie Polar Scope has date and time graduation scales as well as a meridian offset scale. Setting the correct date and time, and lining up Polaris to the markings through the eyepiece will polar align the Polarie, and then you remove the polar scope and attach a camera with a longer lens for more magnified images of the sky.
  • The 6X20 eyepiece of the polar alignment scope has a nice wide 8º field of view.
  • A bubble level is built into the Polarie Polar Scope to help you achieve alignment.


Vixen Polarie Polar Scope

The optional Polar Scope for the Vixen Polarie Camera Tracker is a necessary accessory if you wish to do long exposure astrophotography of the night sky through a SLR or DSLR and photographic lens. To use, simply insert the Polar Scope through the center of the Polarie. It will magnetically lock into place. Now set the dials to match the date and time, and center Polaris by looking through the polar finder and matching up the guides to the sky. Once you have polar aligned, you can remove the Polar Scope and install your camera & lens. Remember to re-align if you move the tripod or tripod head in any way.
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Additional Information

SKU VX-35508
Manufacturer Vixen
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Included Items

  • Vixen Polarie Polar Scope
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Product Questions

Is the time setting on the Polar Scope Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time, or GMT?
I’m interested in purchasing your Vixen Polar Scope for the Polarie Star Tracker (Item # VX-35508).
As I live in the Southern hemisphere, can you advise if your Polar Scope includes the reticle showing the Octans to determine the South celestial pole?
And if so, will the South pole reticle be fitted to the Polar Scope?
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