QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera

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QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera
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  • The QHY PoleMaster is a polar alignment camera designed to make polar alignment quick and easy. Mounted to the front of your RA axis, the PoleMaster's highly sensitive camera will capture an image of the northern sky and then calculate where true north is and what your RA rotation is as well. All you need to know is the approximate location of Polaris. Information shown on a display screen allows you to make adjustments for fast polar alignment. Thanks to the ability of the camera to capture more light than the human eye, you can now polar align before the sky is truly dark! Tiny in size with a sleek and simple design. Price listed is soley for the Polemaster- Adapters priced separately and individually.

  • Now updated software with Southern Hemisphere operation!

  • For atlas/EQ6 - please select the CGEM adapter



QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera

More than just a polar alignment scope, QHY incorporates guide scope technology into a polar alignment camera creating a high-precision electronic polar alignement scope.  Polar aligning is easily one of the most furstrating aspects of owning an EQ mount.  Without total precision your long imaging sessions may lead to even more frustration and, worse, not being able to capture the type of images you're hoping to acheive.  And what happens when you bump into your tripod in the dark? You have to realign potentially spending even more time repeating the process.  

QHYCCD's PoleMaster reduces your polar alignment process by employing a highly sensitive camera.  Mounted to the front of your RA axis, the PoleMaster will capture an image of the northern sky and then will calculate based on that image, where true north is.  Displaying this information and RA rotation on a screen, you can then quickly and easily adjust the mount to the correct position.  As the PoleMaster camera is much more sensitive than the human eye, this allows for polar alignment before the night is truely dark buying you just that much more time to image.  

PoleMaster Specifications

  • Field of View: 11 degree * 8 degree
  • Resolution: approx. 30 arcseconds
  • Install Method: 3 M3 screws to a mount adapter (mount adapter is sold separately)
  • Interface: Mini USB 3.0
  • Rough Precision: approx. 5 arcminutes
  • High Precision: Max 30 arcseconds
  • Dimensions: 40mm Diameter, 50.7mm tall
  • Power Consumption: approx 0.35 Watt 70mA 
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer QHY
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • QHYCCD PoleMaster Polar Alignment Camera
  • Mount Adapter
Questions & Answers

Product Questions

Is the Polemaster compatible with an 11" fork mounted Celestron CPC/SCT scope on an equatorial wedge?
Is there an adapter for EQ8/HDX-110?
I see no adapter for VIXEN mounts.
I own an ADVANCED Polaris AP - SM equatorial mount.
Is there a compatible adapter for this mount?
will the Polemaster work with a CG5 mount? I see the CG4, but don't know if they are configured the same.

Will this work for a Takahashi EM200 Mount? Are there adapters to suit?
Is the pole master compatible to the Astrotrac.
I have an Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, the polar scope front opening measures right at 35mm.
Do you have an adapter that works for this mount?
¿I can use polemaster at low latitudes, without seeing the polaris?
One more mount question. Which adapter can I use for the Orion SkyView Pro?
Does Polemaster work in the Southern Hemisphere?
will this fit on a skywatcher EQ5 pro goto mount? i do not see an adaptor listed for the eq5, apart from the heq5, eq6 etc. thanks
I've got somebody on a forum stating that the polemaster doesn't have to be mounted at the RA axis of the mount. He says it can be on top of the scope and the software will figure it out. Is that right?
Will the PoleMaster work on the Celestron CGE mount?
Is there an adapter available for the Astro-Physics AP900/1200 mount?
Does the Polemaster work with the Celestron CGEM DX?
will this work with an I pad?
Is the Polemaster compatible with an Orion dobsonian mount?
My question is about the mount adapter. I have an Orion Sirius mount, and I see that is not listed. Will any of the other adapters work on an Orion mount?
Does this work with mac? Any system requirements or drivers needed for that?
Will the QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera work with the Celestron CGX Mount?

Can the QH-POLEMASTER work with a Celestron CGE Pro mount? I do not see a adapter for it just the CGEM.
I have a CG-5 mount; will the CG-4 adapter work with it?
The optional adapters list includes the Losmandy G11. Will this adapter also work for the Losmandy GM8?
I own an Orion Atlas. Would I need to disable the illuminated reticle of the polar scope?
Hi, what adapter is needed for NEQ6 mount ?
Does Polemaster work now in the Southern Hemisphere?
QHY says that it works but your web page says that it does not work on the South Pole????

I have a Celestron StarSense mounted on my telescope. Will the Polmaster work with my setup or is it a redundancy not needed since thenCelestron unit is used for alignment or is it necessary to make initial polar alignment accurat for better StarSence accuracy and better ccd results?
Why does the product page state this:

"For atlas/EQ6 - please select the CGEM adapter"

When the Atlas EQ-G is the same as the Skywatcher EQ6? Are the CGEM and Skywatcher EQ6 the same adapter?
Will QHY or someone else offer an adapter to let the Pole Master be used with the CGE Pro mount?
Can I use the polemaster with paramount ME II mount of the Software Bisque ?
Does it works in the Southern Hemisphere?
Hi, can you check if one of the adapters for other mount will work with a Vixen SXP mount. I know the Vixen has a threaded cap, also the base has a window protector that can be removed and the bolt pattern can maybe match a different adapter, or again once that window removed maybe it can fit another adapter. Thank you.
What does the mini USB port output to? Presuming a laptop, or can other devices (tablet/smart phone/Apple/Android...) be used as a display?
Do you know if the Polemaster Tak adapter will fit an old NJP mount?
Aligning a polar scope with the right ascension axis of the mounts takes some time. How does the unit perform this task?
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