Meade LX70 Polar Alignment Scope

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Meade LX70 Polar Alignment Scope
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  • Achieve perfect alignment with the Meade LX70 Polar Alignment Scope.
  • Designed specifically for use with the Meade LX70 mount.
  • Useable for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.


Meade LX70 Polar Alignment Scope

Crafted for use with the Meade LX70 series of telescopes, the Polar Alignment scope allows the intrepid astronomer to spend lest time aligning, and more time observing the stars. This useful accessory allows the user to rapidly and accurately polar align their telescope. Functional in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere's, there is an internal reticle pattern containing an image of easily identifiable stars near both poles to aid the alignment process; providing landmarks to work from. Precise polar alignment is a critical component of astrophotography, and key for convenience in long duration of study of night objects, making this accessory highly a highly valuable upgrade for anyone interested in astrophotography or long duration studies, not to mention simply being ideal for any user who desires to be properly polar aligned. This scope reaches it's full potential, however, when combined with the LX70 Motor drive kit; working together to bring out the best in the LX70 Mount.


  • Compatible with the Meade LX70 Series
  • Functions in both hemispheres
  • Internal Reticule for precision
  • Size: 2.3" x 5.45" L (ÿ 58.4mm x 138.5mm L)

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Additional Information

SKU ME-670010
UPC Code 709942997187
Manufacturer Meade
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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What is the image orientation on the meade lx70 polar scope Virtual ,left right inverted and what about any other meade polar scopes what are their orientation?
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