SBIG SG-4 Autoguider

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SBIG SG-4 Autoguider
Item # SB-SG4
  • The SBIG SG-4 "Smart" Autoguider is a stand alone external CPU or other external device is required!
  • The SG-4 uses a Kodak KAI-340 CCD with a 640 x 480 array @ 7.4 microns.
  • The KAI-340 sensor has low read noise and low dark current and the mechanical shutter means dark frames are taken automatically.
  • Plug in a Bluetooth transmitter (not included) into the RS232 port for wireless set up and image download.


SBIG SG-4 Stand Alone Smart Autoguider...

After two decades of experience in self-guiding cameras and autoguiders, including the amazing ST-4 and STV stand alone autoguiders, SBIG has developed the much-awaited SG-4 Stand-Alone "Smart" Autoguider. This easy to use auto-guider was created for those who just don't want to use a computer to guide or image with their digital camera or non-self-guiding CCD camera. The SBIG SG-4 is made to piggyback on your telescope and perform its guiding functions without being connected to any external computing device. Simply attach the tracking cable between the SG-4 "Smart" autoguider and your telescope drive's autoguider input, plug in the 12V power, and it's ready to go. An RS232 port will allow an initial setup for your particular scope and drive, but after that, operation is completely independent. An optional Bluetooth transmitter may be connected to the RS232 port for wireless setup and download of the image if desired.

SBIG SG-4 AutoGuider Highlights...

  • The SG-4 has a stand-alone configuration, no computer or other external device is required for operation
  • The SBIG Smart Autoguider sports a KAI-340 CCD, with a 640 x 480 array @ 7.4u
  • Low read noise and low dark current
  • Single button operation
  • Mechanical shutter for automatic dark frames
  • RS232 port for image download and setup
  • Download images wirelessly from the SG-4 with an optional Bluetooth device

The Kodak KAI-340 sensor has exceptional read noise and dark current characteristics. The mechanical shutter makes taking dark frames automatic, no need to cover the camera or the scope by hand to capture a dark frame. Dark frames are desirable for autoguiding to remove any hot pixels that might otherwise be mistaken for stars by the guider. A (user supplied) Bluetooth transmitter can be plugged into the RS232 port for wireless setup and image download.

The SBIG SG-4 will also support SBIG's differential guiding (patent pending) by providing power to illuminate an artificial star.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer SBIG
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

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SBIG SG-4 Autoguider
Great product. Easy to use and reliable autoguider. Indispensable for the mobile setup.
1= Houston, We Have a Problem & 5= It's Out of This World
Review by Viktor Radchenko / (Posted on 2/28/2011)
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