Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope

Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope
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  • The Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope is a compact, 4.7" long guide scope with a 30mm aperture and f/4.3 optics that matches perfectly with today's slim and sensitive autoguiding cameras for simple and clean guide star acquisition.
  • The Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope integrates a precision quality helical focus adjustment with a convenient thumbscrew lock.
  • The Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope is C-mount equipped for secure threaded attachment of auto-guider devices.


Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope

Many astronomy cameras these days are not only outperforming previous generations, but using far less space to do it! Smaller more efficient cameras breed a need for a matching guide scope- a need that Orion has chosen to answer! The benefits of auto-guiding accuracy are many after all- and a smaller package that doesn't sacrifice quality can only be a good thing. The Orion Ultra-Mini guide scope grants all of the above benefits; shedding weight from your astrophotography setup without shedding quality from your images! This pint-size performer is a perfect match for short focal-length, optically fast imaging telescopes. The 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope's multi-coated, f/4.3 optics provide a very wide field of view so you'll always have plenty of options when selecting guide stars.

This guide scope was designed with the new generation of eyepiece-sized astro imaging cameras in mind such as the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Mono Astrophotography Camera, Orion StarShoot All-In-One Astrophotography Camera, and other similar pieces. To best accommodate such cameras, it boasts C/CS mount threads for secure, flexure-free camera attachment. Furthermore, the front housing of the UltraMini Guide scope doubles as a precise helical focuser with etched hash-mark scale for easy and repeatable focusing. After an initial helical focus adjustment to match your autoguider device, a handy thumbscrew allows the focus position to be locked so you'll never have to fuss with focus in the field. If you wish to change autoguider devices, simply loosen the thumbscrew lock and adjust focus of the Ultra-Mini Guide Scope to match your preferred device.

The Ultra-Mini guidescope comes with a sturdy two ring bracket and dovetail foot which is designed to fit the dovetail base found on Orion telescopes and many other brands. That bracket also features a threaded 1/4"-20 socket. At a compact size of 4.7", the Guide Scope itself wont take up much space when packing up your astrophotography accessories, even with all the goodies included to make using it easy! For convenient storage and transport, a die-cut foam lined tin case is included.
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Additional Information

SKU OR-52053
Manufacturer Orion
Warranty Orion Limited Warranty
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Will this mount work on a Celestron EdgeHD 8"? Thanks!
will this work with ITem # 53082 orion starshoot g3
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