Astrodon Mega MOAG 2-Port

Astrodon Mega MOAG 2-Port
Item # AN-MEMOAG-2
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  • The Astrodon Mega MOAG 2-Port is a high quality Manual Off Axis Guider meant for use with both large CCD's and large aperture telescopes. It's dual ports enable you to use a guide camera and an accessory of your choice at the same time, and its thin backfocus makes it easy to install into a setup.


Astrodon Mega MOAG 2-Port

The Mega MOAG is a variation on Astrodon's tried and tested Monster MOAG that alters it to be used with telescopes that have wider optical openings. This variation shares the solid, sturdy body of it's brother model, and was similarly designed with the largest CCD's in mind. It has a larger body and design that allows you to use far larger aperture telescopes with your large CCD cameras, a combination that opens up this kind of Off Axis Guiding system to those who prefer their bigger scopes. It has the same 1" thick Female 2.7"-24 / Male 3"-24 camera-side adapter as the Monster MOAG, but it also has a 4" opening on the scope side and comes with a 4 1/16" - 24 male adapter to connect to larger extension tubes found on the back of many larger telescopes.

The Mega MOAG is utilized to to guide your telescope to obtain sharp, round stars by guiding in front of your filters using unfiltered light in the same optical beam as your imaging camera. It is a Manual Off Axis Guider that is a great boon for practical use of narrowband filters. It also eliminates potential differential flexure if you guide with a separate guide scope. With modern, automated data acquisition programs, framing your imaging target and placing a guide star in the guide camera is simple and no longer an issue, particularly if you have a remotely-controlled camera rotator. It also has a quite thin body thickness of 1.25", meaning that it doesn't take up much back focus. This model has two seperate Guide ports, one on each end of it's body, and they are capable of being used for a variety of accessories as well as Guide Camera's.

Manufacturer Product Number: MEMOAG-2
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Astrodon
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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