Tele Vue 3" BIG Paracorr Type 2

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Tele Vue 3" BIG Paracorr Type 2
Item # TE-VIP-3010
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  • The Tele Vue BIG Paracorr provides all the optical benefits of the original Paracorr Type 2 when imaging with CCD formats as large as 52mm diagonal and paraboloids as fast as f/3.
  • Tele Vue’s Paracorr tightens and intensifies star images on all f-ratios from f/3 to f/4 without adding any false color or spherical aberration!
  • The back focal length of the Big Paracorr has been extended to 80mm to allow for additional accessories to be placed in the optical path.
  • The Tele Vue Big Paracorr has a 5.1" optical assembly that is topped with a "stop" flange with 3.40"-24 pitch threads to mount a variety of camera adapters and spacer tubes.
  • This BIG Paracorr can be converted for visual use by adding the standard Paracorr's tunable top. See the extra images for a visual on various conversions for the 3" Big Paracorr.


Tele Vue 3” BIG Paracorr Type 2

The new wave of faster parabolic mirrors has given rise to the growth of ever larger aperture Dobsonian mounted Newtonians for the amateur astronomer. These large and fast instruments have the distinct benefits of delivering greater true fields and can eliminate climbing ladders. However, their performance was severely limited by the extreme coma produced as a natural consequence of the primary mirror’s shape. With the successful development of our Paracorr Type 2, for full-field correction of parabolic mirrors as fast as f/3 (coma is reduced to the equivalent of an f/20 mirror) we’ve dramatically improved the optical performance and practicality of large aperture Newtonian/Dobsonian telescopes.

Imagers have started taking notice of the great price vs. aperture value of these fast, large aperture instruments especially when combined with large chip CCD cameras. However, while the 2” Paracorr Type 2 was the answer for coma correction, its 2” format limited available light (vignetting) with increasing field angle. The 2” format is fine visually since secondary mirror size limits maximum exit pupil diameter to around 7mm. The widest true field eyepiece choice with an f/3 (f/3.45 when used with Paracorr) is, therefore, Tele Vue’s own 21mm Ethos which delivers a 6.1mm exit pupil at f/3.45.

The 3” Big Paracorr, designed by Paul Dellechiaie of Tele Vue, was created to extend the Paracorr type 2’s optical benefits for imaging applications by amateurs and professionals using CCD formats as large as 52mm diagonal. Back focal length has been extended to 80mm to allow for additional accessories to be placed in the optical path. The 5.1” length optical assembly is topped with a “stop” flange having 3.40”-24 pitch threads to handle various equipment applications.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tele Vue
Barrel Size 3"
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Televue 3" BIG Paracorr Type 2
  • Five Year TeleVue Warranty
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