Takahashi FC-35 0.66x Reducer with CA 130 Ring

Takahashi FC-35 0.66x Reducer with CA 130 Ring
Item # TK-TKA-19590
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  • This Takahashi FC-35 .66X Focal Reducer comes with a CA 130 Ring and is compatible with the FC-125, the FS-128, and the FS-152 refractors.
  • The Tak FC-35 reduces the focal length by 10%, providing a focal length of f/5.4 for the FC-125 & FS-152, and f/5.5 for the FS-128.
  • The metal back, measured from the flat rear-most shoulder of the FC-35 with CA 130 Ring installed, is 70.3 mm, and the image circle produced is 44 mm in diameter.


Takahashi FC-35 .66X Reducer
for FC-125, FS-125 & FS-152 Telescopes

The FC-35 0.66 X Reducer was designed by Takahashi Japan for a wide variety of their FC and FS series telescopes. This FC-35 comes with a dedicated CA 130 Ring, and is compatible with the FC-125, FS-128, and the FS-152 refractors. A FC-35 with CA 100 Ring is also available for the FC-100DF, FC-100 & FS-102. The only difference is this model comes with a CA 100 Ring instead of the CA 130.

The FC-35 will reduce the focal length of your telescope by 10%, and will provide a 44 mm diameter image circle. The metal back, as measured from the flat, rear-most shoulder of the FC-35, is 70.3 mm. With the FC-35 & CA 130 Ring installed, each compatible telescope will have the following focal length and f/ratio:

  • FC-125: 672 mm, f/5.4
  • FS-128: 700 mm, f/5.5
  • FS-152: 819 mm, f/5.4
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU TK-TKA-19590
Manufacturer Takahashi
Barrel Size Thread-on
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • FC-35 Reducer
  • CA 130 Ring
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Product Questions

Regarding: TAKAHASHI FC-35 0.66X REDUCER WITH CA 100 or CA 130 RING:
I understand the CA rings are for different scopes. What is the difference between the 2 rings in size and thread? I'm trying to figure out the adapters needed to connect the reducer to my QSI 683 WSG camera on Tak FS-152.
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