Stellarvue 0.8X Reducer Flattener for SV80ST2 with 2" Focuser

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Stellarvue 0.8X Reducer Flattener for SV80ST2 with 2" Focuser
Item # SV-SFFR80-2
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  • Stellarvue SFFR80-2 Field Flattener & Reducer for the SV80ST2, an 80 mm f/6 triplet with a 2" Stellarvue or 2" Feather Touch focuser.
  • The reduction factor of the SFFR80-2 is 0.8X, creating an f/4.8 focal ratio.
  • The backfocus of this SV 2” Flattener Reducer is 55 mm.
  • The telescope side of the Stellarvue SFFR80-2 reducer/flattener accepts standard 2” filters, and the camera side is a standard t-thread (M42x0.75).
  • Special Note: We have one left in stock of this reducer. Once it is sold, no more will be available due to Stellarvue discontinuing this product line.


Stellarvue 2” 0.8X Reducer Field Flattener
for SV80 Triplet with 2” Focuser

The Stellarvue SFFR80-2 Reducer & Flattener is optimized for the SV80ST triplets that came with the 2” SV or Feather Touch focuser. The 0.8X focal reduction converts the 80 mm f/6 into an f/4.8. The SFFR80-2 reducer/flattener has a standard 48 mm filter thread. Standard 2" filters can be added to the reducer/flattener when imaging.

The backfocus of the Stellarvue SFFR80-2 is 55 mm. Since a DSLR with t-ring has a 55 mm backfocus, plug the reducer/flattener into the focuser and then thread the your DSLR camera/t-ring onto the flattener. If you are using a CCD camera, an additional set of extension tubes may be needed depending on the backfocus of the camera. You need to know how much distance there is between the camera’s T-thread and the ccd chip. It is important that the distance from the back of the field flattener to the chip be maintained at 55 mm. For example, if your ccd camera has a backfocus of 35 mm, a 20 mm extension will be needed.

Please note that the extension tube you add (if any) must come with the standard t-thread (M42 x.75). An example of the optical chain for both a DSLR and CCD set-up can be seen if you click on the extra photos to the left.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Stellarvue
Barrel Size 2"
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Included Items

Included Items

  • Stellarvue 0.8X Focal Reducer Field Flattener for SV80ST2
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